descriptionManage snapshots for backups using LVM or btrfs
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Manage snapshots for backups using LVM or btrfs. This is intended for use with borg or rsync.


Running bsnap on will do the following:
- Create a new directory /a where the snapshots will be mounted.
- Take snapshots as configured in your /etc/fstab.
- Mount the snapshots into /a.

At this point you can run something like borg or rsync on /a to create your backup. Once that's completed you then run bsnap off to unmount, remove the snapshots and cleanup /a.

You must configure your /etc/fstab by setting the second last column for each entry:
- 0 -- no snapshot will be taken and the filesystem will not be mounted into /a
- 1 -- no snapshot will be taken but the filesystem will be bind mounted into /a
- 2 -- a snapshot will be taken and the snapshot will be mounted into /a

# Snapshot the LVM root filesystem
/dev/mapper/vg-root  /      ext4  defaults  2 0

# Mount it into /a so it's included in the backup without snapshotting it
UUID="ABCD-1234"     /boot  vfat  defaults  1 0
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