2015-02-06 James BuntonRuby 2 support master
2015-02-06 James BuntonTabs to spaces
2013-11-05 James Buntonproxy.rb fixes
2013-11-05 James BuntonMake it clear that ruby1.8 is required
2013-11-05 James BuntonRenamed methods, make output_dir optional
2012-10-05 James BuntonStream proxied content to clients
2012-10-05 James BuntonMore example config
2012-10-05 James BuntonOption to write proxied files to a directory
2012-02-19 James BuntonSupport for https
2009-03-09 James BuntonMade the x-forwarded-for header optional
2008-06-29 James BuntonHandle multivalued headers properly.
2008-06-28 James BuntonFixed redirection and cookies.
2007-10-26 James BuntonCleaned up code slightly
2007-10-26 James BuntonRuby proxy
2007-06-23 James BuntonInitial checkin