updated readme/changelog
[comingnext] / Readme.txt
2011-05-28 Michael Pragerupdated readme/changelog
2011-05-28 Michael Pragerdon't break widget when a system backup is made
2011-05-17 Michael Pragerupdated "Skin Fetcher" to v1.4
2011-05-14 Michael Pragerupdated readme
2011-05-14 Michael PragerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://comingnext.git.sourcefor...
2011-05-14 Michael Pragerupdated readme
2011-05-14 Michael Pragerfixed settings being lost when updating to a newer...
2011-05-12 Michael Pragerupdated readme
2011-05-12 Michael Pragerupdated readme.txt and new version info
2011-03-26 Michael Pragerupdated release date in readme.txt
2011-03-26 Michael Prageradded 'Help' menu, changed link color, added help link...
2011-03-26 Michael Pragerupdated supported devices list
2011-03-24 Michael Pragerfixed homescreen widget update not always working on N8
2011-03-22 Michael Pragerfixed calendar indicator not showing in some cases
2011-03-21 Michael Pragerfixed sorting for events without dates
2011-03-21 Michael Prageradded more known issues to the readme as well as instru...
2011-03-08 Michael Pragerfixed link in about screen now opening in web browser...
2011-02-16 Michael Pragerfuture improvements to italian translatios. Also update...
2011-02-13 Michael Prageradded italian translation
2011-02-06 Michael Prageradded spanish translation
2010-11-28 Michael Pragerupdated release date for version 1.30
2010-11-24 Michael Prageradded option to exclude specific calendars from list
2010-11-15 Michael Pragerupdated readme.txt
2010-10-31 Michael Prager* fixed daylight saving times not being applied properl...
2010-10-13 Michael Pragerupdated changelog for upcoming release
2010-10-13 Michael Prageradded C7 to tested devices list
2010-10-13 Michael Pragerupdated version info for next release (v1.29)
2010-10-11 Michael Pragerupdated skin fetcher to v1.3
2010-10-10 Michael Pragerupdated Readme.txt
2010-08-29 Michael Pragerupdated readme, prepared for v1.28 release. Also added...
2010-03-22 Michael Prageradded persitent settings feature
2010-03-19 Michael Pragerupdated readme, changed version for next release (1.27)
2010-03-19 Michael PragerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://comingnext.git.sourcefor...
2010-03-18 Michael Prageradded release date to version 1.26
2010-03-16 Michael Pragerupdated Skin Fetcher to v1.2
2010-03-16 Michael Pragerautoajust text and icon size to fit the number of event...
2010-03-16 Michael Pragersupport for third panel
2010-03-09 Michael Pragernote about the new overdue setting in readme
2010-03-09 Michael Pragerupdated changelog in readme
2010-02-23 Michael Pragerupdated version info for next release
2010-02-20 Michael Pragerupdated release date in readme
2010-02-18 Michael Pragerupdated changelog
2010-01-28 Michael Prager* added backgroundImageLocation option
2010-01-24 Michael Pragerupdated readme
2010-01-07 Michael Pragerupdated readme and added .gitignore file
2010-01-01 Michael Pragerupdated Readme
2009-12-31 Michael Prager* added localization support
2009-12-18 Michael Pragerupdated release date in readme
2009-12-18 Michael Pragerupdated readme and version info
2009-12-07 Michael Pragerfixed typo in readme
2009-12-07 Michael Pragershow "Tomorrow" instead of date if "showTodayAsText...
2009-10-13 Michael Pragerfixed alignment for entries with very long description
2009-10-11 Michael Pragerupdated version information
2009-09-05 Michael Pragermention new project website in changelog
2009-09-05 Michael Prager * fixed memos/anniversaries showing although they...
2009-09-05 Michael Pragerfixed DayEvents to be shown although they already passe...
2009-09-05 Michael Pragerinitial commit. Version 1.19