descriptionConfiguration for Emacs.
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Configuration for Emacs.


Initialise the emacs package submodules

cd ~/.emacs.d
git submodule init
git submodule update

Set up Emacs daemon to autostart:

mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart
ln -sf ~/.dotfiles/.config/autostart/emacs.desktop ~/.config/autostart
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications
ln -sf ~/.dotfiles/.local/share/applications/emacs.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/
2020-09-15 James Buntonshackle package moved master
2020-09-15 James BuntonIvy case insensitive search
2020-09-15 James BuntonBind expand-region to M-= so it works in terminals
2020-09-15 James BuntonDon't use hippie-expand
2020-09-15 James Buntonledger-mode don't prefer dates in the future
2020-09-15 James BuntonUpdate packages, kill some
2020-09-14 James BuntonFix theme on emacs 27
2020-09-14 James BuntonDisable tide for now
2020-09-14 James Buntonjsx-mode for tsx files
2020-09-14 James BuntonJavaScript indent fix
2020-01-21 James BuntonREADME + category
2020-01-20 James BuntonLink bug report
2019-06-15 James BuntonIncrease font size
2019-06-14 James BuntonMoved emacs temp files to ~/.cache
2019-03-13 James BuntonInclude hostname in xterm frame title
2019-03-13 James BuntonUpdated all the packages
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