2021-03-08 James Buntonkotline-mode master
2021-03-08 James BuntonFix magit bindings
2021-03-08 James BuntonUpdate packages, removed some
2021-03-08 James Buntongitignore /transient
2020-09-15 James Buntonshackle package moved
2020-09-15 James BuntonIvy case insensitive search
2020-09-15 James BuntonBind expand-region to M-= so it works in terminals
2020-09-15 James BuntonDon't use hippie-expand
2020-09-15 James Buntonledger-mode don't prefer dates in the future
2020-09-15 James BuntonUpdate packages, kill some
2020-09-14 James BuntonFix theme on emacs 27
2020-09-14 James BuntonDisable tide for now
2020-09-14 James Buntonjsx-mode for tsx files
2020-09-14 James BuntonJavaScript indent fix
2020-01-21 James BuntonREADME + category
2020-01-20 James BuntonLink bug report
2019-06-15 James BuntonIncrease font size
2019-06-14 James BuntonMoved emacs temp files to ~/.cache
2019-03-13 James BuntonInclude hostname in xterm frame title
2019-03-13 James BuntonUpdated all the packages
2018-11-20 James Buntonuse rg for my-find-test-file
2018-11-19 James Buntondiminish counsel-mode
2018-11-19 James Buntoncounsel improvements
2018-11-19 James BuntonImproved tide-project-root to understand git and packag...
2018-11-19 James BuntonOverride shackle-match since my PR got rejected
2018-10-30 James Buntonsnippet for requireWithMocks
2018-10-30 James Buntonrjsx-mode
2018-10-28 James BuntonShackle rules for different frame sizes
2018-10-26 James BuntonImproved terminal display
2018-10-26 James Buntonpastels-on-dark-theme improvements
2018-10-26 James BuntonCopy pastels-on-dark-theme into local repo
2018-10-26 James BuntonSwitch indent-guide for highlight-indent-guides
2018-07-16 James BuntonUpdating all the packages
2018-06-05 James BuntonSwitched from tern to tide/tsserver
2018-06-05 James Buntonansi-color-map
2018-06-05 James BuntonUpdate all the packages
2018-02-27 James Buntonjson-mode: leave indent at default to avoid overwriting...
2018-02-25 James Buntonivy/counsel: fixed quoting in commands to match changes...
2018-02-24 James BuntonSet avy-style=at instead of the default at-full
2018-02-24 James BuntonUpdate all the packages
2018-02-23 James Buntonno need for willResolve now Jasmine supports returning...
2018-02-09 James Buntonledger-mode
2018-02-09 James Buntongitignore tramp
2017-11-07 James Buntonjasmine async snippets
2017-11-07 James Buntonfixed snippet names
2017-10-05 James Buntonternjs: fix tern-project-dir patch
2017-09-27 James Buntonsh-mode with sane indentation
2017-08-21 James BuntonMore keys for multiple cursors
2017-08-12 James BuntonSoy/Closure templates
2017-07-17 James Buntonwgrep mode
2017-07-17 James Buntonjs2-refactor package
2017-07-17 James BuntonUpdate all the packages
2017-07-17 James BuntonFixed renamed file
2017-07-16 James BuntonDocumented Ivy insert
2017-07-15 James Buntongoto-chg - go to last edit
2017-07-15 James Buntonledger-mode don't prompt for effective date in reconcil...
2017-07-15 James Buntonivy-count-format
2017-06-05 James BuntonDocument git-grep replace
2017-06-05 James Buntonledger-mode config
2017-06-01 James BuntonSupport test files named like
2017-06-01 James BuntonUse default yank behaviour
2017-06-01 James BuntonInclude ./ in swiper directory searches
2017-06-01 James BuntonChange region colour
2017-06-01 James BuntonUpdated README_KEYBINDINGS
2017-05-28 James BuntonFixed init.el to use new filename
2017-05-26 James Buntonswiper: case insensitive grep
2017-05-26 James Buntonledger-mode: wider lines for posts
2017-05-24 James Buntonledger-mode
2017-05-24 James Buntonstumpwm-mode can be activated with auto-mode-list
2017-05-18 James BuntonAdd newlines at end of files
2017-04-28 James Buntondiminish more minor modes
2017-04-28 James Buntonternjs
2017-04-28 James Buntonhighlight-symbol
2017-04-28 James BuntonImproved indent-guide
2017-04-28 James Buntoncounsel-grep-or-swiper and counsel-locate
2017-04-28 James BuntonBind jump-char instead of avy-goto-char-in-line
2017-04-28 James BuntonImprove
2017-04-28 James BuntonUpdate packages
2017-02-14 James BuntonWork around yank text bug
2017-02-11 James BuntonChange go to address at point bindings
2017-02-11 James BuntonDocument mouse secondary selection
2017-02-10 James BuntonUpdate packages
2017-02-10 James Buntonssh-file-modes
2016-12-08 James BuntonFix Flycheck error message popup
2016-12-08 James Buntonstumpwm
2016-12-08 James BuntonUse single spaces for sentences
2016-09-19 James Buntondocument registers and macros
2016-09-19 James Buntonyaml-mode now does raml automatically
2016-09-19 James Buntonupdate packages
2016-09-19 James Buntonjavascript declarations should have normal indentation
2016-09-19 James Buntonauto recentf can use emacs25 inhibit-message
2016-09-19 James Buntonfix load-path
2016-09-19 James Buntonemacs25 contains comment-line
2016-09-19 James Buntonemacs25 contains seq and let-alist
2016-08-25 James Buntonuse counsel-recentf instead of ivy-recentf
2016-08-25 James Buntonupdate packages
2016-08-25 James BuntonREADME updates
2016-08-25 James Buntonyaml
2016-08-14 James Buntondisable js2-mode warnings, flycheck is better
2016-08-14 James Buntonallow copying lines in read-only files