descriptionConfiguration files for a bunch of Unix apps I use regularly.
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Configuration files for a bunch of Unix apps I use regularly.

Basic setup

git clone .dotfiles

Make a backup of any existing files:

mkdir -p backup
mv .bash .bash_profile .bashrc .gitconfig .inputrc .screenrc .vimrc backup/

Symlink the config files into your home directory:

ln -sf ~/.dotfiles/{.bash,.bash_profile,.bashrc,.gitconfig,.inputrc,,.screenrc,.vimrc} ~/
ln -sf ~/.dotfiles/.gitignore_global ~/.gitignore
ln -sf ~/.dotfiles/.ssh/config ~/.ssh/
mkdir ~/.config/environment.d && ln -sf ~/.dotfiles/.config/environment.d/* ~/.config/environment.d/

Emacs setup

Clone the dotemacs repository:

git clone ~/.emacs.d

Font setup

Symlink the font config:

mkdir -p ~/.config/fontconfig
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf ~/.config/fontconfig/

Firefox setup


privacy.donottrackheader.enabled = true
privacy.trackingprotection.enabled = true

Make the URL bar more stupid:

browser.fixup.alternate.enabled = false
browser.urlbar.trimURLs = false
keyword.enabled = false

Blank home and new tab page:

browser.startup.homepage = about:blank
browser.newtabpage.enabled = false
browser.newtabpage.enhanced = false

Send DNS through SOCKS proxy:

network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true

Graphics acceleration, reduces tearing in video playback:

layers.acceleration.force-enabled = true

Don't prompt to reset profile if unused for a little while:

browser.disableResetPrompt = false

Open links from external apps in new window: = 2
2021-06-20 James Buntonbash: fix bug in edit/aliasfg master
2021-03-08 James BuntonRemove unused ignore
2021-03-08 James Buntongit serve
2020-08-13 James Buntonqt-wayland
2020-08-13 James Buntonemacs: use console version
2020-06-18 James Buntonbash: ~/bin should go at the front of PATH
2020-06-18 James BuntonREADME: firefox settings
2020-04-05 James BuntonRemove chrome-flags.conf
2020-02-09 James Buntonremove synaptics config
2020-01-27 James Buntonfirefox: enable wayland
2020-01-20 James BuntonREADME + category
2019-11-23 James Buntonbash: better ls colors for other_writable
2019-08-04 James Buntonbashrc: set LANG from config file
2019-07-20 James BuntonFixed environment.d
2019-07-10 James Buntonssh config: CheckHostIP no
2019-06-14 James BuntonMoved vim temp files to ~/.cache
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