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[gnu-emacs-elpa] / test / core-tests.el
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovBump copyright
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovReplace :sorted with :separate, and sort within each...
2016-05-15 Dmitry GutovRevert "Remove completions without annotations when...
2015-12-21 Dmitry GutovHandle empty list of candidates
2015-12-20 Dmitry GutovRemove completions without annotations when considering...
2015-01-13 Dmitry GutovImprove duplicates removal
2015-01-10 Dmitry GutovFixup a test
2015-01-08 Dmitry Gutovcompany--continue-failed: Don't burp on `stop'
2015-01-07 Dmitry GutovReorganize tests layout