2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovBump copyright
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovMention company-sort-prefer-same-case-prefix
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovTag company-dabbrev-ignore-buffers with package-version
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovMention company-pseudo-tooltip-unless-just-one-frontend...
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovReplace :sorted with :separate, and sort within each...
2016-06-19 Dmitry Gutovcompany-eclim--project-dir: Try to handle non-project...
2016-06-17 Dmitry GutovRemove the [return] binding (#530)
2016-06-15 James NguyenAdd support for auto-complete like behavior (#524)
2016-06-11 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #531 from juergenhoetzel/master
2016-06-11 Juergen HoetzelNew transformer: company-sort-prefer-same-case-prefix
2016-05-23 Dmitry Gutovcompany--preprocess-candidates: Check that all CANDIDAT...
2016-05-15 Dmitry GutovRevert "Remove completions without annotations when...
2016-04-29 Dmitry GutovAllow company-dabbrev-ignore-buffers to be a function
2016-04-24 Dmitry Gutovcompany-bbdb: Use full names as prefix
2016-04-24 Dmitry GutovFix an old typo
2016-04-13 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #499 from fice-t/autoload
2016-04-13 Fice TAdd autoload cookies
2016-03-25 Dmitry GutovDon't call company-abort right after startup
2016-03-20 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #491 from akirakyle/patch-1
2016-03-20 Akira KyleFixed lighter for grouped backends
2016-03-18 Dmitry Gutovcompany--fetch-candidates: Bind non-essential
2016-03-18 Dmitry Gutovcompany-capf: Look up `face', not `font-lock-face'
2016-03-11 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #486 from akirakyle/patch-1
2016-03-11 Akira KyleFixed typo
2016-03-10 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #483 from stardiviner/add-julia...
2016-03-10 stardivinerAdd Julia keywords
2016-03-09 Dmitry Gutovcompany-grab-line: Make it work in ERC prompt
2016-03-09 Dmitry Gutovcompany-dabbrev--search-buffer: Speed up
2016-02-29 Dmitry GutovClarify where callback must be called from
2016-02-28 Dmitry GutovBump copyright
2016-02-28 Dmitry Gutovre-sort
2016-02-28 Dmitry GutovAdd some C++11 keywords, fixes #478
2016-02-28 Dmitry GutovFix #474 by filtering dabbrev completions at the end
2016-02-11 Dmitry GutovUpdate test for the latest change
2016-02-11 Dmitry GutovDelete the cache when async completion aborts
2016-02-06 Dmitry GutovMove company-files closer to the front of company-backends
2016-02-06 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #466 from tarsius/patch-1
2016-02-05 Jonas BernoulliFix typo in dependency name
2016-02-01 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #465 from vspinu/files-optim
2016-02-01 Vitalie SpinuKill trailing / on directories completion
2016-02-01 Vitalie SpinuSeparate sort of candidates and children in company...
2016-02-01 Vitalie Spinu[#464] Optimisation and fixes in `company-files`
2016-01-28 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #461 from rlph/patch-1
2016-01-28 Rafael SanchezMoved company-tempo-insert call to post-completion
2016-01-27 Rafael SanchezOption to have tempo expand tags after completion.
2016-01-22 Dmitry GutovAdd company-search-flex-regexp
2016-01-20 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #459 from fbergroth/prefix-length-var
2016-01-20 Fredrik BergrothTurn :company-prefix-length property into a value
2016-01-20 Stefan MonnierImprove the description of cons prefix
2016-01-20 Dmitry GutovImprove the example in the Commentary
2016-01-17 Dmitry GutovAdd company-semantic-insert-arguments
2016-01-17 Dmitry GutovAdd company-semantic-begin-after-member-access
2016-01-17 Dmitry Gutovcompany-semantic: Retain function overloads
2016-01-15 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #457 from cpitclaudel/wip-simplify...
2016-01-15 Clément Pit... Reimplement -electric-do using a pre-command-hook
2016-01-14 Dmitry Gutovcompany-cancel: Call pre/post-completion at the end
2016-01-14 Dmitry GutovRevert "company-cancel: Call frontends' 'hide before...
2016-01-13 Dmitry Gutovcompany--posn-col-row: Fall back to posn-col-row
2016-01-13 Dmitry Gutovcompany-cancel: Call frontends' 'hide before 'post...
2016-01-12 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #453 from jtatarik/bbdb-multiple...
2016-01-12 Jan TatarikFix bbdb completion for multi-recipient messages
2016-01-09 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #450 from fbergroth/capf-prefix...
2016-01-09 Fredrik Bergrothcompany-capf: Add :company-prefix-length property function
2016-01-03 Dmitry GutovBump copyright years
2016-01-03 Dmitry GutovFix "obsolete function" warning
2016-01-03 Dmitry GutovAdd company-tooltip-annotation-selection face
2016-01-02 Dmitry GutovRefine the workaround further
2016-01-02 Dmitry GutovDeclare python-shell-get-process
2016-01-02 Dmitry GutovRename company-clang-obc-templatify to company-template...
2015-12-30 Dmitry GutovFix the workaround
2015-12-30 Dmitry GutovAdd workaround for bug#18067
2015-12-28 Dmitry GutovFix a test (after adding `should`)
2015-12-28 Dmitry GutovAdd the pre-render backend command
2015-12-28 Dmitry GutovRevert "Add support for company-face"
2015-12-26 Dmitry GutovAdd support for company-face
2015-12-21 Dmitry GutovHandle empty list of candidates
2015-12-20 Dmitry GutovTravis: Try to fix the "held broken packages"
2015-12-20 Dmitry Gutov[ci skip] Use the "generic" language
2015-12-20 Dmitry GutovRemove completions without annotations when considering...
2015-12-19 Dmitry Gutovcompany-dabbrev--search-buffer: Use use forward search...
2015-12-19 Dmitry Gutovcompany-dabbrev--make-regexp: Regexp can match non...
2015-12-19 Dmitry GutovUse company-dabbrev-char-regexp more consistently ...
2015-12-08 Dmitry GutovAdd company-etags-everywhere
2015-12-08 Dmitry Gutovcompany-dabbrev-code-modes: Improve Customize labels
2015-12-01 Dmitry GutovIgnore trigger key prefixes that are shorter than symbo...
2015-11-30 Dmitry GutovHandle key prefix being shorter than prefix (#422)
2015-11-29 Dmitry Gutovcompany-yasnippet: Disable cache (#422)
2015-11-29 Dmitry GutovDon't "adjust key" (#422)
2015-11-29 Dmitry GutovUpdate copyright
2015-11-29 Dmitry GutovRespect yas-key-syntaxes (#422)
2015-11-26 Dmitry GutovDocument some company-grab- functions
2015-11-03 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #418 from PythonNut/master
2015-11-03 PythonNutAllow advising company-dabbrev(-code)? regex generation
2015-10-24 Dmitry GutovFix some compilation warnings
2015-10-08 Dmitry Gutovcompany-search-candidates: Mention company-search-regex...
2015-10-07 Dmitry GutovIntroduce company-search-regexp-function
2015-10-05 Dmitry GutovModernize the Commentary a bit
2015-10-05 Dmitry GutovDouble space
2015-10-05 Dmitry GutovRetouch the docstring further
2015-10-05 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #402 from vspinu/sorted