2016-07-10 Thomas Fitzsimmonspackages/fsm: Fix compilation error
2016-07-09 Julien Danjouoauth2: send authentication token via Authorization...
2016-07-01 Clément Pit... Merge commit '421e26058a6b7131f144bce96c6b0ac902a2b420'
2016-07-01 Clément Pit... Add copyright to screenshot.el
2016-06-26 Clément Pit... Add compact-docstrings to externals-list origin/scratch/compact-docstrings
2016-06-26 Clément Pit... Add 'packages/compact-docstrings/' from commit '7ada669...
2016-06-26 Clément Pit... Assign copyright to FSF
2016-06-26 Clément Pit... Initial import
2016-06-23 Noam Postavsky* packages/yasnippet: Don't backport new vars
2016-06-23 Dmitry GutovMerge commit 'e93367512080e540dc5dd126dfcb38b4a5e9415b...
2016-06-23 Dmitry GutovBump the version
2016-06-23 Dmitry GutovMerge commit '0cda39255827f283e7578cd469ae42daad9556a2...
2016-06-23 Dmitry GutovMake a new release
2016-06-23 Dmitry GutovMerge commit '212c8fc3101781a2f1c55ca61772eb75a2046e87...
2016-06-23 Dmitry GutovMake a new release
2016-06-23 Dmitry GutovRevert "Remove the [return] binding (#530)"
2016-06-22 Michael AlbinusRelease debbugs 0.9.7
2016-06-22 Michael AlbinusFix the values possible for status queries in debbugs
2016-06-22 Stefan Monnier* packages/yasnippet: Fix some compilation warnings
2016-06-21 Dmitry GutovParse generator methods better
2016-06-21 Dmitry Gutovjs2-define-symbol: Treat const same as let
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovBump copyright
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovMention company-sort-prefer-same-case-prefix
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovTag company-dabbrev-ignore-buffers with package-version
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovMention company-pseudo-tooltip-unless-just-one-frontend...
2016-06-20 Dmitry GutovReplace :sorted with :separate, and sort within each...
2016-06-19 Dmitry Gutovcompany-eclim--project-dir: Try to handle non-project...
2016-06-17 Dmitry GutovRemove the [return] binding (#530)
2016-06-17 Thomas Fitzsimmonspackages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.5
2016-06-17 Thomas Fitzsimmonspackages/excorporate: Interoperate with `save-some...
2016-06-16 Michael AlbinusSimplify debbugs-org.el
2016-06-15 James NguyenAdd support for auto-complete like behavior (#524)
2016-06-15 Michael AlbinusVarious changes in debbugs-gnu
2016-06-15 Michael Albinus* packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default...
2016-06-15 Thomas Fitzsimmonspackages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.4
2016-06-15 Thomas Fitzsimmonspackages/excorporate: Interoperate with LaTeX preview
2016-06-14 Michal Nazarewicz* packages/num3-mode/num3-mode.el: Fix compilation...
2016-06-14 Michael Albinus* packages/tramp-theme/tramp-theme.el: Remove file...
2016-06-14 Michael AlbinusRelease debbugs 0.9.6.
2016-06-12 Michael AlbinusFurther work on debbugs-gnu-search
2016-06-12 Nicolas PettonUpdate seq.el to 2.16
2016-06-11 Noam Postavskypackages/yasnippet: pull from external (0.10.0)
2016-06-11 Noam PostavskyRelease 0.10.0
2016-06-11 Michael AlbinusImprove debbugs-gnu-search
2016-06-11 Tino Calancha* packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Searching Bugs...
2016-06-11 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #531 from juergenhoetzel/master
2016-06-11 Juergen HoetzelNew transformer: company-sort-prefer-same-case-prefix
2016-06-11 Stefan Monnier* myers.el: New package
2016-06-11 Dmitry GutovMerge pull request #342 from shicks/strict
2016-06-10 Stephen HicksAdd js2-mode-assume-strict custom variable
2016-06-08 Michael HeerdegenAdd some more basic stream operations
2016-06-05 Simen HeggestøylNew package: cycle-quotes
2016-06-04 Tino CalanchaFix bug face for newly arrived bugs in debbugs-gnu.el
2016-05-31 Filipp Gunbinpackages/javaimp: Fix comparison of module load ts...
2016-05-31 Noam PostavskyAvoid bug in insert-file-contents with REPLACE=t
2016-05-30 Jackson Ray... Merge commit '3007b2917d71a7d66eb94876536dfd80b0661d40...
2016-05-30 Jackson Ray... Version 8.0.1.
2016-05-30 Jackson Ray... Don't byte compile development files.
2016-05-30 Jackson Ray... Version 8.0.0.
2016-05-29 Dmitry GutovAdd a test for #335 as well
2016-05-29 Dmitry GutovMerge branch 'dgreensp-object-rest-spread'
2016-05-28 Michael HeerdegenRewrite the `change' and `changed' patterns
2016-05-27 Artur MalabarbaMerge commit 'aaeb619f1ff57e666925bcef22bb3195c22d589e'
2016-05-27 Artur MalabarbaVersion 1.3.1
2016-05-27 Artur MalabarbaFix #49 - Don't vanish the beacon due to changes in...
2016-05-24 João TávoraFix broken links in README.mdown
2016-05-23 Dmitry Gutovcompany--preprocess-candidates: Check that all CANDIDAT...
2016-05-21 Michael Heerdegensmart-yank version 0.1.1
2016-05-21 Michael Heerdegenel-search version 0.2
2016-05-21 Michael Heerdegenel-search--ensure-sexp-start: don't assume point-min==1
2016-05-20 Michael HeerdegenFactor out `el-search--replace-hunk'
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenImprove history handling
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenSet initial input for replace when coming from el-searc...
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenClean up el-search-read-expression-map; add some doc
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenMake sure not to lose the minibuffer-prompt face
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenReduce duration of a `sit-for'
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenRename a local variable
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenMake query-replace accept FROM -> TO style input
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenSmall fix in el-search--setup-minibuffer
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenUse `pp-to-string' to print replacement expression
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenGive el-search--s a more meaningful name
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenMake el-search-pattern accept an optional NO-ERROR arg
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenFix el-search--ensure-sexp-start error at bob
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenClarify the operation scope of replacing
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenAddress compiler warnings
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenAdd patterns for character properties
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenRename two functions
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenHandle replacements containing another match
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenImprove documentation and argument names of el-search...
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenComment and whitespace changes only
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenReplacing: make C-g an alternative key for quitting
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenRewrite replacement layout restoration
2016-05-19 Michael Heerdegenel-search--check-pattern-args: make arg TYPE a string
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenRewrite `string' pattern definition
2016-05-19 Michael HeerdegenNew user option: el-search-use-sloppy-strings
2016-05-19 Filipp Gunbinpackages/javaimp: Restructure code, add some tests.
2016-05-19 Thierry VolpiattoMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-19 Thierry VolpiattoMerge commit '744aeaaff9c0bc0732ceee98623d6d1a932bc604'
2016-05-19 Thierry VolpiattoDelete 2 files not needed for elpa.
2016-05-18 Artur MalabarbaMerge commit '8438ff5e71ca040e7a1e325d608a3f5ea050503f'