descriptionScripts and cron helpers for a MediaPC / HTPC, particularly with MythTV.
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Scripts and cron helpers for a MediaPC / HTPC, particularly with MythTV.

MythTV helpers

Desktop helpers

Notification helpers

2020-10-01 James Buntonmythsymlink: umask master
2020-06-09 James Buntoncheck-guide-data: ignore more channels
2020-06-09 James Buntonmythsymlink: assume symlinks dir name
2020-06-09 James BuntonRemove old scripts
2019-02-23 James BuntonREADME
2019-02-23 James Buntonmythcleandb: ignore livetv/deleted recordings
2019-02-18 James BuntonMythTV maintenance scripts
2018-11-02 James Buntonrun-every-5sec.service
2018-05-01 James Buntonshow-mythtv-delays
2018-04-11 James Buntonmythsymlink: print times in Sydney timezone instead...
2018-04-11 James Buntoncheck-guide-data: reduce from 4 to 2 days for warning
2018-03-25 James Buntonmythtv-mysql-maintenance
2018-03-03 James Buntonxfdesktop-focus-fix: simplified
2018-02-27 James Buntonmediawrap: remove lockfile before unlocking to avoid...
2018-02-25 James Buntonxfdesktop-focus-fix: don't refocus when mediawrap is...
2018-02-24 James Buntonfocus-desktop uses new event based code
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