2019-02-23 James BuntonREADME master
2019-02-23 James Buntonmythcleandb: ignore livetv/deleted recordings
2019-02-18 James BuntonMythTV maintenance scripts
2018-11-02 James Buntonrun-every-5sec.service
2018-05-01 James Buntonshow-mythtv-delays
2018-04-11 James Buntonmythsymlink: print times in Sydney timezone instead...
2018-04-11 James Buntoncheck-guide-data: reduce from 4 to 2 days for warning
2018-03-25 James Buntonmythtv-mysql-maintenance
2018-03-03 James Buntonxfdesktop-focus-fix: simplified
2018-02-27 James Buntonmediawrap: remove lockfile before unlocking to avoid...
2018-02-25 James Buntonxfdesktop-focus-fix: don't refocus when mediawrap is...
2018-02-24 James Buntonfocus-desktop uses new event based code
2018-02-24 James Buntonxfdesktop-focus-fix
2017-08-06 James Buntonffclicker: Remove cherrypy dependency
2017-04-28 James Buntongen-new-list: actually use $2
2017-04-17 James Buntonfocus-desktop: use xprop instead of timer
2017-04-02 James Buntoncheck-guide-data: ignore advertising channels
2017-03-13 James Buntoncheck-guide-data
2017-02-17 James Buntoneject.desktop
2016-07-31 James Buntonmythsymlink: generate a random filename if there is...
2016-07-31 James Buntonmythsymlink: print helpful error if symlink fails
2016-04-23 James Buntonmediapc-utils: simplify volume control
2015-10-03 James Buntonmediawrap: support xfce4-volumed on ubuntu
2015-08-26 James Buntonmythsymlink: hacks to keep it working with config.xml
2015-03-08 James Buntonfix-gnome-volume
2015-02-13 James Buntonffclicker: python3
2015-02-01 James Buntonmediawrap: support disabling gnome volume controls
2015-01-13 James Buntonmediawrap: gets extra volume functionality
2014-10-05 James Buntonautostart files for mediapc
2014-09-28 James Buntonpython2 and tabs to spaces
2014-02-16 James Buntonmythsymlink: Skip missing files
2014-02-09 James Buntongen-new-list
2013-02-19 James Buntonmonitor-dir: updated usage info
2013-02-17 James Buntonffclicker: load pages in Firefox
2012-12-02 James Buntonmediawrap: use flock, support rebinding volume keys
2012-10-15 James Buntonmonitor_dir: use comm instead of diff
2012-10-15 James Buntonmonitor_dir: more options & only display diff
2012-10-11 James Buntonmonitor_dir display detail and sort by time
2012-10-11 James Buntonmonitor-dir: track changes in a directory
2011-04-12 James Buntonmediawrap: fixed small bug
2011-04-11 James Buntonmythsymlink: symlink tree generator
2011-04-01 James Buntonmediawrap: added options and max delay
2011-01-02 James Buntonmediawrap: wait for pidfile
2010-07-07 James Buntonmediawrap: useful for wrapping XBMC and/or MythTV