2014-11-11 James Buntoncategory master
2014-11-11 James
2014-11-11 James Buntongitignore
2014-11-11 James BuntonAdded TODO
2014-02-20 James BuntonBump version to 1.13
2012-08-28 James BuntonIgnore tracks not in the library
2012-07-12 James BuntonBump version to 1.12
2012-07-12 James BuntonVarious improvements:
2012-07-12 James BuntonBuild for ppc, i386, x86_64
2012-07-12 James BuntonBump version number to 1.11
2012-07-12 James BuntonUse uuid4
2012-07-12 James BuntonAdded tooltips
2012-07-12 James BuntonAdded advanced options sheet
2012-07-12 James BuntonRemoved trailing space
2012-07-12 James BuntonAuto reload library when window comes to the foreground
2012-07-12 James BuntonSave playlists separately for each target folder
2012-07-11 James BuntonAllow user to create directories in "Choose folder...
2012-07-11 James BuntonMoved folder selection to the top of the UI
2012-07-11 James BuntonFixed build
2012-02-12 James BuntonBump version to 1.10
2012-02-12 James BuntonAllow path_prefix to be set from a file in the playlist...
2012-02-12 James BuntonIgnore non-files without warning
2012-02-12 James BuntonAllow reverse-mapping of tracks so more playlists can...
2012-01-14 James BuntonBump to version 1.9
2012-01-14 James BuntonHopefully fixed xib/nib to work on 10.5 again
2012-01-14 James BuntonIgnore zips folder
2012-01-14 James BuntonVersion 1.8
2012-01-13 James BuntonDon't need this anymore, it's been set in the XIB
2012-01-13 James BuntonVersion 1.7
2012-01-09 James BuntonBetter error handling, bump to v1.6
2011-07-01 James BuntonDon't sync to folders that don't exist
2011-07-01 James BuntonUpgraded to XCode 4
2011-01-30 James BuntonEncode playlist filename correctly & bump version
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded tag notipod-1.4 for changeset c4adddc1f1ac
2011-01-02 James BuntonBumped revision number notipod-1.4
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded preview feature
2011-01-02 James BuntonReordered tags
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded tag notipod-1.3 for changeset 0dbf1352a87a
2011-01-02 James BuntonBump revision notipod-1.3
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded tag notipod-1.2 for changeset b6a279bb071c
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded tag notipod-1.0 for changeset 1a471af78d92
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded tag notipod-1.1 for changeset 324dca2fa32a
2011-01-02 James BuntonAnimate progress bar
2011-01-02 James BuntonFixed UI
2011-01-02 James BuntonKeep playlists in order
2011-01-02 James BuntonRemoved dead code
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded icons
2011-01-02 James BuntonWhitespace
2011-01-02 James BuntonMake cancel button actually stop the background thread notipod-1.2
2011-01-02 James BuntonMoved stuff around
2011-01-02 James BuntonBumped version number notipod-1.1
2011-01-02 James BuntonRun slow stuff in a background thread for improved...
2011-01-02 James BuntonFixed "Choose folder" to be default if there are no... notipod-1.0
2011-01-02 James BuntonFixed playlist
2011-01-02 James BuntonBe case insensitive because iTunes is lame
2011-01-02 James BuntonAdded cancel button and put playlists in their own...
2011-01-02 James BuntonDisplay progress
2011-01-02 James BuntonUnicode fixes, use only safe characters
2011-01-02 James BuntonWin!
2011-01-02 James BuntonIt works! :)
2011-01-02 James BuntonNearly done!
2011-01-02 James BuntonMore stuff works!
2011-01-02 James BuntonIt displays stuff
2011-01-02 James BuntonRenamed stuff
2011-01-02 James BuntonFixes
2011-01-02 James BuntonInitial checkin