2009-07-13 James BuntonMerge branch 'master' of master
2009-07-12 Michal VitecekQuick synchronizations (for 'quick' > 0) are now perfor...
2009-07-12 John GoerzenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-07-12 Christoph Högeruse latest version of imaplib2
2009-07-07 John GoerzenReduce memory usage when scanning Maildirs
2009-07-07 John GoerzenFix the order of folders during sync
2009-07-06 John GoerzenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-07-02 John GoerzenFixing Python issue to minimum 2.5
2009-07-02 John GoerzenFix minimum Python version. Closes: #535481.
2009-07-02 John GoerzenRemoved old reference to README
2009-07-02 John GoerzenBump version number
2009-07-02 John GoerzenUpdated changelog
2009-07-02 John GoerzenAdded patch for Python 2.6 ssl
2009-06-30 Peter ColbergApplied patch from Peter Colberg to remove usage of...
2009-06-29 Christoph Högerset gssapi to false on kerberos error
2009-05-05 John GoerzenUpdate changelog
2009-05-05 Jonny LambBug#502779: Sync accounts in order of general.accounts...
2009-04-21 John GoerzenApply patch to fix autorefresh with Kerberos
2009-04-21 John GoerzenFixed typos thanks to Alexey Mahotkin
2009-04-17 Nicolas Sebrechtgitignore generated files from 'make doc'
2009-04-17 Nicolas Sebrecht'make clean' remove
2009-03-03 James BuntonSort mbnames for each account before writing
2009-02-13 John GoerzenAdd IDLE support from James Bunton
2009-02-10 James BuntonAdded check for IDLE in capabilities
2009-02-10 James BuntonAllow keepalive to be overridden by user if imapfolders...
2009-02-10 James BuntonImplementation of IMAP IDLE
2009-01-14 John GoerzenFix missing import for pre/postsynchook
2009-01-09 Paul HinzeFix md5 import error
2008-12-11 Loui ChangImport md5 from hashlib if available.
2008-12-02 John GoerzenPatch from Jim Pryor to support /etc/netrc in addition...
2008-12-02 John GoerzenApply remainder of Jim Pryor's patch
2008-12-01 John Goerzenmade note in changelog
2008-12-01 John GoerzenPatch for signal handling to start a sync by Jim Pryor
2008-12-01 John GoerzenPatch to make exit on Ctrl-C cleaner
2008-10-01 John GoerzenNew option to only work with subscribed folders
2008-10-01 John GoerzenAdded docs for hooks
2008-10-01 John GoerzenApplied pre/post sync hooks
2008-09-29 John GoerzenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-09-29 Michael Wittenimaplibutil: Remove flagrantly bad use of private attribute
2008-09-18 John GoerzenApply new darwin.patch from Vincent Beffara
2008-08-13 John GoerzenPrepping 6.0.3 debian/6.0.3
2008-08-13 Henning Glawemake the trash and spam folder names in Gmail accounts...
2008-08-12 John Goerzentask_done wasn't in Python before 2.5
2008-08-08 John GoerzenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-08-08 Ben WillardFix a bug preventing the pid file from being empty.
2008-08-07 John GoerzenClarified and highlighted the need to set maxsyncaccoun...
2008-08-05 John GoerzenRemoved debug statements
2008-08-05 John GoerzenYet another Python threading workaround.
2008-08-02 John GoerzenUpdate changelog debian/6.0.2
2008-08-02 John GoerzenBump version to 6.0.2
2008-08-02 John GoerzenRework keepalive to use time.sleep() instead of event...
2008-08-02 John GoerzenUpdate changelog debian/6.0.1
2008-08-02 John GoerzenEliminate one more fsync
2008-08-02 John GoerzenUpdate for 6.0.1
2008-08-02 John GoerzenBump version to 6.0.1
2008-08-02 John GoerzenFix syntax error in nofsync support
2008-08-02 John GoerzenRework threadutil to use Queue for simplification and...
2008-08-02 John GoerzenAdded ability to disable fsync()
2008-08-02 John GoerzenMerge branches 'master' and 'master' of ssh://jpgarch...
2008-08-02 John GoerzenSlightly more debug info
2008-08-02 John GoerzenNow create cur,new,tmp in '.' even if existsok is false
2008-07-16 John GoerzenFix for keys with -1
2008-06-11 John GoerzenSmall doc grammar fix. fixes #74.
2008-05-23 Mark HymersAdd support for ssl client certificates
2008-05-20 John GoerzenRevert "Initial stab at showing list of folders that...
2008-05-20 John GoerzenRevert "Checkpointing work on mailbox deletion"
2008-05-20 John GoerzenCheckpointing work on mailbox deletion
2008-05-20 John GoerzenInitial stab at showing list of folders that aren't...
2008-05-20 John GoerzenPoof, this is 6.0.0. debian/6.0.0
2008-05-12 John GoerzenPrepping 5.99.15; fixes: #63 debian/5.99.15
2008-05-11 John GoerzenFinally fix the stupid LocalStatus folder bug, I really...
2008-05-10 John GoerzenPrepping 5.99.14
2008-05-06 John GoerzenRevert some previous attempts at localstatus creation
2008-05-06 John GoerzenBump to 5.99.13
2008-05-06 John GoerzenRevert "Apply darwin.patch from Vincent Beffara"
2008-05-05 John GoerzenVersion 5.99.12 debian/5.99.12
2008-05-05 John GoerzenFinally fix problem with making new folders
2008-05-01 John GoerzenApply darwin.patch from Vincent Beffara
2008-04-17 John GoerzenRev versions debian/5.99.11
2008-04-17 John GoerzenFixed a braino introduced in last patch
2008-04-17 John Goerzen5.99.10 prep debian/5.99.10
2008-04-17 John GoerzenMake parent dirs of localstatus folders.
2008-04-17 John GoerzenUnify repository code with folder code
2008-03-27 John GoerzenVersion to 5.99.9 debian/5.99.9
2008-03-27 John GoerzenUpdate changelog for 5.99.9
2008-03-27 John GoerzenAutomatically create top-level localfolder for Maildirs
2008-03-20 Florian Friesdorftypo in previous
2008-03-20 Florian FriesdorfIgnore empty LocalStatus files
2008-03-12 John GoerzenAdd *~ to .gitignore
2008-03-10 John GoerzenUpdated with Kerberos info
2008-03-10 John GoerzenAlso make bin/offlineimap +x
2008-03-10 Florian Friesdorfchmod +x
2008-03-10 John GoerzenAdded suggests on python-kerberos debian/5.99.8
2008-03-10 John GoerzenUpdate changelog
2008-03-10 Eric DorlandBug#359213: Kerberos
2008-03-10 John GoerzenDon't crash if LocalStatus file doesn't exist yet
2008-03-08 John GoerzenAttempt to fix a crashing bug in Gmail driver
2008-03-05 martin f. krafft* Remove empty /usr/sbin directory from package.
2008-03-05 martin f. krafft* Remove second docbook-utils build dependency.
2008-03-05 martin f. krafft* Fix clean target in debian/rules to allow for proper...