2009-02-07 James Buntoncategory master
2009-02-07 James BuntonREADME.md
2009-02-07 James Buntongitignore
2009-02-07 James BuntonRewrote proxyconf completely in Objective C
2008-04-04 James BuntonBetter Makefile
2008-04-04 James BuntonConsistent style.
2008-03-31 James BuntonFixed typo
2008-03-31 James BuntonCompile universal binaries
2008-03-31 James BuntonREADME file
2008-03-31 James Buntonproxyconf.sh can now find sysconfig as long as they...
2008-03-30 James BuntonNow I see why PROXY_FOUND was needed :P
2008-03-30 James BuntonRemoved unneeded code
2008-03-30 James BuntonClean up of sysconfig.m
2008-03-30 James BuntonAllow C99 features
2008-02-08 Greg DarkeCheck if there are any proxies set before exporting...
2008-02-07 Greg DarkeMoved from a C implementation of the sysconfig program...
2008-02-04 Greg DarkeMoved code to parse/print the environment variables...
2008-02-04 Greg DarkeMake the proxyconf script unset the environment variabl...
2007-09-21 James BuntonAdded hgignore
2007-07-28 James BuntonCleaned up the Makefile a little
2007-07-28 James BuntonAlso print out no_proxy environment variable
2007-07-28 James BuntonCan now print CFArrays
2007-07-28 James BuntonUse C99
2007-07-28 James BuntonAutodetect value types
2007-07-28 James BuntonSimple Makefile
2007-07-28 James BuntonInitial revision