descriptionBasic OpenGL pong game
last changeWed, 7 Nov 2007 09:32:50 +0000 (20:32 +1100)
2007-11-07 James BuntonFixed fmax for all systems master
2007-06-25 James BuntonFixed warning about fmax
2007-06-25 James BuntonThe ball is now a slug.
2007-06-23 James BuntonWelcome screen
2007-06-23 James BuntonTweaked speeds
2007-06-23 James BuntonSpeed is affected by where on the paddle the ball hits
2007-06-23 James BuntonDon't let paddles go out of range
2007-06-23 James BuntonOptional AI, scores now reset when they hit 9
2007-06-23 James BuntonPaddles move better now
2007-06-23 James BuntonPong is cool
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