2020-05-14 James BuntonMakefile cleanups master
2016-07-31 James BuntonREADME update
2016-07-27 James BuntonStyle changes
2015-09-28 James BuntonFixed assert_connection_blocked test to be reliable
2015-09-23 James Buntonclang static analyzer
2015-09-22 James BuntonSimple README
2015-09-22 James BuntonDon't overwrite existing config on make install
2015-09-22 James BuntonUse thread safe strerror and change many errors to...
2015-09-22 James BuntonWrite server output to log file when running tests
2015-09-22 James BuntonExtra DNS test
2015-09-22 James Buntonsystemd service configuration and make install target
2015-09-21 James BuntonInitial commit v0.1