descriptionPython based MSN transport for Jabber
last changeFri, 8 Feb 2008 13:56:22 +0000 (00:56 +1100)
2008-02-08 James BuntonUpdated rev and url master
2007-09-29 James BuntonFixed UTF-8 error
2007-07-31 James BuntonFixed bug with version number.
2007-07-29 James hasn't been used for ages
2007-07-29 James BuntonCatch a few more possible exceptions
2007-07-29 James BuntonThe <host/> config option now sets the bind address...
2007-07-29 James Buntonsvninfo no longer needed...
2007-07-29 James BuntonHandle new MSN accounts correctly
2007-07-29 James BuntonDisconnect switchboard sessions upon logout
2007-07-29 James BuntonFixed discoFail error
2007-07-29 James BuntonConference rooms now show up as such in service discovery.
2007-07-29 James BuntonApplied patch from the old svn memorytest tree
2007-07-29 James BuntonCleaned up reactor autodetection code
2007-07-03 James BuntonFixed bug with 64bit archictectures.
2007-01-29 jamesbunton * PyMSNt now supports Twisted 2.5
2006-10-20 jamesbunton * Python 2.5 doesn't always return longs from struct...
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