Fixed refind-install bug that could cause mountesp script to be
[refind] / docs / refind / sip.html
2016-01-26 srs5694Fixed refind-install bug that could cause mountesp...
2015-12-13 srs5694Version 0.10.1 release -- mostly documentation updates.
2015-12-03 srs5694Another round of changes to clear lintian issues.
2015-12-03 srs5694Merge remote-tracking branch 'tianon/master'
2015-12-01 srs5694Made changes to fix some lintian issues
2015-11-29 srs5694Merge remote-tracking branch 'tianon/master'
2015-11-17 srs5694Small documentation changes.
2015-11-08 srs5694Version 0.10.0 release.
2015-11-05 srs5694Enable SIP features on CD-R and USB flash drive images...
2015-11-05 srs5694Further refinements to SIP/CSR/rootless support, including
2015-11-01 srs5694Documentation changes, mostly related to new icons.