Properly initialise variable to fix detection of non-Arch kernel versions
[refind] / refind / mystrings.c
2017-03-13 James BuntonProperly initialise variable to fix detection of non... master
2017-03-13 James BuntonSupport Arch Linux kernel naming by treating "linux...
2017-03-04 srs5694Version 0.10.5 release.
2017-03-03 srs5694Added support for "%v" as a variable for the kernel...
2017-03-02 srs5694Improve initrd auto-detection to support better matchin...
2015-12-03 srs5694Merge remote-tracking branch 'tianon/master'
2015-11-29 srs5694Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-11-29 srs5694Added forgotten new or split files to git repo.