check-local-updates: don't return error if arch checkupdates fails
[scripts] / healthcheck /
2020-06-20 James Buntonhealthcheck: packages match ID_LIKE=arch
2020-06-17 James Buntonhealthcheck: zpool-health
2020-06-16 James Buntonhealthcheck: systemd-user-timers
2020-06-16 James Buntonhealthcheck: simplify now that `systemd --user` is...
2020-06-13 James Buntonhealthcheck: don't check for updates
2020-06-09 James Buntonhealthcheck more fixes
2020-06-09 James Buntonhealthcheck fixes
2020-06-06 James Buntonhealthcheck fixes
2020-06-06 James Buntonhealthcheck/disk-usage: ignore blank lines in fstab
2020-05-30 James Buntonhealthcheck
2020-05-15 James BuntonRename all the things