2021-07-07 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: don't fail if LUKS volume is already... master
2021-07-07 James Buntonwifi-scan: show associated
2021-06-20 James Buntonwifi-scan: don't ignore the list scan result
2021-06-14 James Buntonfix-openwrt-hairpin
2021-06-14 James Buntonbackup-openwrt
2021-06-14 James Buntonhexhost
2020-11-15 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: snapshot_convert_to_bookmarks
2020-09-01 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: exit with error if scrub failed
2020-07-19 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: exit 1 on scrub failure
2020-07-19 James Buntonarchpkg/repo-sign: support *.pkg.tar.zst
2020-07-12 James Buntoncheck-local-updates: don't return error if arch checkup...
2020-07-02 James Buntonwifi-scan: alternate form of channel
2020-07-02 James Buntonwifi-scan: improve formatting, now can operate on exist...
2020-07-02 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: zpool set failmode=continue
2020-06-20 James Buntonhealthcheck: packages match ID_LIKE=arch
2020-06-18 James Buntoncheck-local-updates: don't fail if aptitude doesn't...
2020-06-18 James Buntoncheck-local-updates: set +x
2020-06-18 James Buntoncheck-local-updates
2020-06-18 James Buntonssh-screen-wrapper: more flexible line matching
2020-06-17 James Buntonhealthcheck: zpool-health
2020-06-17 James Buntonsmart-stats: read devices from /etc/smartd.conf
2020-06-16 James Buntonhealthcheck: systemd-user-timers
2020-06-16 James Buntonhealthcheck: simplify now that `systemd --user` is...
2020-06-13 James Buntonhealthcheck: don't check for updates
2020-06-09 James Buntonhealthcheck more fixes
2020-06-09 James Buntonhealthcheck fixes
2020-06-06 James Buntonhealthcheck fixes
2020-06-06 James Buntonhealthcheck/disk-usage: ignore blank lines in fstab
2020-05-30 James Buntonhealthcheck
2020-05-15 James BuntonRename all the things
2020-05-15 James Buntonremove xfce4-genmon-script
2020-05-13 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: scrub backup pool every week
2020-05-05 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: move snapshot cleanup code into the...
2020-05-03 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: cleanups
2020-04-28 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: set fs mountpoint and permissions
2020-04-28 James Buntonlib-ext-backup: set backup pool props
2020-04-27 James Buntonlib-ext-backup
2020-02-09 James Buntonmultiboot: memtest
2020-02-03 James Buntontcp-proxy: ported to Python3
2020-01-25 James Buntonmultiboot: fixed old Ubuntu ISOs
2020-01-25 James Buntongnome-shell-raise-window
2019-11-23 James Buntoncsv2txt: improved formatting
2019-11-23 James Buntoncheckspace: remove redundant import
2019-11-23 James Buntonmake-persistent-journal uses non-COW directory
2019-08-26 James Buntonlib-ext-backup
2019-08-13 James Buntonpassphrasegen: calculate entropy and only print one...
2019-07-30 James Buntonmultiboot-setup: support Debian10 installer
2019-07-24 James Buntonaur-check-updates: don't complain if a newer version...
2019-07-23 James Buntondocker-cleanup: also delete things more than 1 year old
2019-06-14 James Buntonsplit-mvimg
2019-05-03 James Buntonmultiboot-setup ignores missing files
2019-02-26 James Buntonsmart-stats: smartctl returns non-zero if there are...
2019-02-22 James Buntonsmart-stats: ignore external devices
2019-02-22 James Buntonsmart-stats
2019-02-22 James Buntonreboot-no-passphrase: moved to linux-config repo alongs...
2019-02-08 James Buntonmakechrootpkgx: change pacman chroot directory
2019-01-16 James BuntonRemove old stuff
2019-01-16 James BuntonAUR helpers
2018-12-06 James Buntonssh-screen-wrapper supports arguments
2018-11-28 James Buntonmfree: exclude arc_used from used
2018-11-27 James Buntonxfce4-genmon-script: multi-line
2018-10-24 James Buntonpacorphan/aptorphan: support excluding packages with...
2018-10-24 James BuntonArch build script improvements for managing my own...
2018-10-08 James Buntondocker-cleanup
2018-09-29 James Buntonwifi-scan: also print frequencies
2018-09-29 James Buntonmultiboot-setup: removed add_iso, grub detects isos...
2018-07-05 James Buntonxfce4-genmon-script: show memory usage as red based...
2018-06-01 James Buntoncheck-pacman-updates: don't fail to exit if up to date
2018-06-01 James Buntoncheck-pacman-updates
2018-04-08 James Buntonterminal-color-table
2018-03-21 James Buntonopal-card-tool: check login and retry if it fails
2018-03-21 James Buntonopal-card-tool: Use Firefox user-agent
2018-03-17 James Buntonmultiboot: Don't copy isos, it's easier to do this...
2018-03-16 James Buntonupdate-grub
2018-03-07 James Buntonmysql-backup: exclude builtin databases
2018-03-03 James Buntonbackup-mysql
2018-02-25 James Buntonfind-services-to-restart: trying out my new awk skills
2018-02-25 James Buntonremoved sync-boot-mirror
2018-01-06 James Buntonaur-install: to /var/abs
2017-12-24 James Buntonmultiboot support for 32bit EFI
2017-11-25 James Buntonwifi-scan: linter fixes
2017-10-14 James Buntonreboot-no-passphrase supports multiple devices
2017-10-05 James Buntonclean-dkms: add nvidia and zfs modules
2017-10-05 James Buntonxfce4-genmon-script: use long to parse zfs arc_used
2017-10-05 James Buntonaur-install: don't clean working tree
2017-08-23 James Buntonmfree: just like free, but includes basic ZFS ARC stats
2017-08-23 James Buntonxfce4-genmon-script: include ZFS ARC in available memory
2017-08-12 James Buntonxfce4-genmon-script: show memory in MiB
2017-07-16 James BuntonRestore clean-dkms
2017-07-14 James Buntonwifi-scan rewrite
2017-07-14 James Buntonpython3 conversions
2017-06-30 James Buntonreboot-no-passphrase: support custom reboot command
2017-06-23 James Buntonrename-by-date works on photo/video metadata
2017-06-05 James Buntonpassphrasegen: XKCD style password generator
2017-04-28 James Buntonmultiboot-setup: remove unused variables
2017-04-21 James Buntonxmlpp: use python stdlib instead of lxml
2017-04-20 James Buntonwordpress-salt-gen: tool to generate wordpress password...
2017-04-20 James Buntoncheck-aur-updates: query AUR for all packages at once...
2017-04-20 James Buntonaur-install: delete directories, but always keep pkg...
2017-04-01 James Buntonmultiboot: write fresh grub.cfg each time to make add_i...