2016-08-26 Andrea BolognaniFix man errors master origin/HEAD origin/master private/master
2016-08-26 Andrea BolognaniInclude the top level header of each xcb module used
2016-07-31 Andrea Bolognanilinux: Enable PIE
2016-07-31 Andrea Bolognanilinux: Use -fPIC instead of -fpic
2016-07-05 Andrea Bolognanilinux: Use --as-needed when linking
2016-07-03 Andrea Bolognanilinux: Use pkg-config for dependencies' CPPFLAGS and...
2016-07-03 Andrea Bolognanilinux: Split off dependencies' CPPFLAGS
2016-07-03 Andrea Bolognanilinux: Reduce linking for libswmhack
2016-06-23 James Camposupdate man page link
2016-06-10 Reginald KennedyAdd .gitattributes to exclude some files from release...
2016-05-23 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 3.0.2. SPECTRWM_3_0_2
2016-05-17 Reginald KennedyEnsure iconic windows stay iconic when reparenting.
2016-05-09 Reginald KennedyFix workspace cleanup on RandR screenchange.
2016-05-05 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 3.0.1. SPECTRWM_3_0_1
2016-05-04 Reginald KennedyRedraw the focus window frame when changing regions...
2016-05-04 Reginald KennedyPrepend SWM_LIB to LD_PRELOAD instead of clobbering.
2016-05-03 Marco Peereboomretire unmaintained man pages harder
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomright link and add feedback heading
2016-05-02 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 3.0.0. SPECTRWM_3_0_0
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomstray ]
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomattempt to add html doco
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomadd html man page
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomretire man pages that are way outdated and add html...
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomadd screenshots
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomcommit this for test
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomgot to love md moving target...
2016-05-02 Marco Peereboomstart reworking wiki/front page
2016-05-02 Reginald KennedyAdd new fullscreen_toggle action.
2016-05-02 Reginald KennedyRename raise_focused to raise and set default binding...
2016-05-02 Campbell BartonSend window to next/previous regions workspace
2016-05-02 Yuri D'EliaImplement the "raise_focused" function
2016-05-02 Yuri D'EliaAlways swap regions when using rg_move_next/rg_move_prev
2016-04-29 Reginald KennedyRemove unused macros.
2016-04-29 Reginald KennedyUpdate the license in spectrwm.c
2016-04-29 Marco PeereboomRevert "-Werror, because we care"
2016-04-27 Marco Peereboom-Werror, because we care
2016-04-27 David Hillcleanup warnings
2016-04-22 Reginald KennedyFix segfault when handling RRScreenChangeNotify.
2016-04-21 Reginald KennedyFix ICCCM 4.2.3 compliance and add special handling...
2016-04-21 Reginald KennedyUpgrade to window reparenting.
2016-04-14 Marco Peereboomgive up on printing tag
2016-03-23 Reginald KennedyFix possible delay on uniconify/search_win/search_works...
2016-03-22 Marco Peereboomxcb_aux_sync moved to xcb-util
2015-07-04 Reginald KennedyFix spectrwm.conf unbind example.
2015-05-30 Reginald KennedyAdd SIMPLEQ->STAILQ macros for freebsd.
2015-05-26 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 2.7.2. SPECTRWM_2_7_2
2015-05-26 Marco PeereboomRevert "Prepare for release 2.8.0."
2015-05-26 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 2.8.0.
2015-05-26 Reginald KennedyRestore Num_Lock workaround.
2015-05-24 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 2.7.1. SPECTRWM_2_7_1
2015-05-24 Reginald KennedyFix autorun.
2015-05-22 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 2.7.0. SPECTRWM_2_7_0
2015-05-22 Reginald KennedyCleanup osx/queue.h whitespace.
2015-05-22 Marco Peereboomadd queue.h to OSX
2015-05-22 Reginald KennedyImprove the bind[] option to accept pointer buttons.
2015-05-20 Reginald KennedyPacify -Wconditional-uninitialized warnings.
2015-05-20 Reginald KennedyCleanup libswmhack.so.
2015-05-20 Andreas ErikssonChange libswmhack.so to use RTLD_NEXT functionality...
2015-05-14 Reginald KennedyTweak the urgency indicator default padding for urgent_...
2015-04-22 Reginald KennedySort quirks in man page.
2015-04-19 Reginald KennedyAdditional shutdown cleanup.
2015-04-19 Campbell BartonResolve memory leaks on exit
2015-04-19 Reginald KennedyFix MINIMALBORDER on region focus cycling.
2015-04-16 Yuri D'EliaAdd 'MINIMALBORDER' quirk to remove borders from floati...
2015-04-15 Reginald KennedyKeep function prototypes in alphabetical order.
2015-04-15 Campbell BartonResolve memory leaks on exit.
2015-03-25 Reginald KennedyFix segfault when attempting to switch workspace during...
2015-02-27 Reginald KennedyAdd new option: warp_focus
2015-02-27 Jonathan ArmaniDocument visible_noswap and at it in spectrwm.conf
2015-02-27 Jonathan ArmaniAdd a new visible_noswap option that allow to not swap...
2015-02-27 Reginald KennedyAdd missing binds to keymapping files.
2015-02-27 Reginald KennedyRevert "Mouse button mapping config option, by levaidaniel"
2015-02-25 Reginald KennedyChange rg_move_(prev|next) and stack_balance to be...
2015-02-17 Yuri D'EliaStrip trailing padding with urgent_collapse
2015-02-17 Marco Peereboomad yuri to copyrights
2015-02-17 Yuri D'EliaImplement rg_move_prev/rg_move_next to move workspaces...
2015-02-17 Yuri D'EliaAdd 'maximize_hide_bar' to also hide the bar when maxim...
2015-02-17 Yuri D'EliaImplement quirk NOFOCUSCYCLE to remove a window from...
2015-02-17 Yuri D'EliaImplement stack_balance and assign it to M-S-<h,l>
2015-02-17 Campbell BartonMouse button mapping config option, by levaidaniel
2015-02-04 Marco Peereboomadjust copyright dates
2015-01-27 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 2.6.2. SPECTRWM_2_6_2
2015-01-27 Marco PeereboomAdd Mod5 to support some more weird keyboards.
2014-12-30 shobuteFixed bug in man page.
2014-11-18 Marco Peereboomosx also likes to see the extended build version
2014-11-18 Marco Peereboompull latest tag + commit digest
2014-11-18 Reginald KennedyPrevent possible focus change on release of a pointer...
2014-11-04 David HillUse poll(2) instead of select(2).
2014-10-26 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 2.6.1. SPECTRWM_2_6_1
2014-10-25 Reginald KennedyFix urgency indicator issue.
2014-10-24 Reginald KennedyFix stacking issue on (re)start when managing unmanaged...
2014-10-14 Reginald KennedyFix focus_urgent.
2014-10-07 Yuri D'EliaHonour correctly "disable_border" in max_stack
2014-10-06 Reginald KennedyAdd note to man page regarding autorun and LD_PRELOAD.
2014-09-30 Reginald KennedyFix warp_pointer centering.
2014-09-30 Reginald KennedyReorder LDFLAGS in Linux Makefile to work with --as...
2014-09-09 Andrea BolognaniMan page fixes, mostly spacing related.
2014-09-04 Andrea BolognaniUpdate Italian man page.
2014-08-25 Andrea BolognaniFix xscreensaver-command example.
2014-08-22 Marco PeereboomPrepare for release 2.6.0. SPECTRWM_2_6_0