2020-09-24 James Buntonavconv -> ffmpeg master
2018-11-03 James Buntoncheck-out-count
2018-10-24 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup: don't try to adjust chapter-sync if...
2018-10-21 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup support for chapters & subtitles
2018-10-20 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup: delay video track if needed
2018-10-10 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup fix for new mkvmerge
2018-10-07 James Buntonhencode support overriding --*-anamorphic
2017-07-03 James Buntonrip-dvd: don't extract iso to directory
2017-06-29 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup: delay audio track when necessary
2017-05-14 James Buntonhencode customisable quality
2017-03-15 James BuntonWork with new mpv
2017-03-15 James BuntonFix AUDIO_SELECT
2017-01-15 James Buntonhencode: allow manual audio track selection
2017-01-10 James Buntonhencode: Handbrake 1.0.0 stupidly uses --pfr instead...
2017-01-07 James Buntonmkvmerge-set-chapters
2016-12-31 James Buntonhencode: Remove pal25fps temporary file
2016-12-31 James Buntonhencode: HandBrake should use English by default
2016-02-28 James Buntonhencode: fix PAL24FPS properly
2016-02-25 James Buntonhencode: fix uninitialised variable
2016-02-23 James Buntonbatch-run: fix abspath
2016-02-22 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup: operate on a single file
2016-02-22 James Buntonbatch-run: mkdir and chdir before running
2016-02-22 James Buntonhencode: Added --pal24fps which calls fix-pal-speedup
2016-02-10 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup: use fdk aac encoder, no need for separ...
2016-01-04 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup now preserves surround sound for movies
2015-09-07 James Buntonrip-dvd: fixed last number
2015-07-22 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup switch back to mplayer
2015-07-20 James Buntonmplayer -noconfig all
2015-07-11 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup - no more streaming, it causes problems
2015-07-02 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup don't exec mkvmerge!
2015-07-01 James BuntonUse '-' instead of /dev/{stdin,stdout}
2015-07-01 James BuntonRewrote fix-pal-speedup, now it streams
2015-06-27 James Buntonbatch-run chdir before running
2015-03-08 James Buntonidentify-disc-handbrake
2015-03-08 James Buntonrip-dvd fixes
2015-03-06 James Buntonidentify-disc support for bluray
2014-11-11 James BuntonMoved from jamesstuff
2014-10-01 James Buntonexplicit python2
2014-10-01 James Buntonffmpeg -> avconv
2014-08-08 James BuntonCorrectly fix video track
2014-08-08 James BuntonTabs to spaces
2014-05-12 James Buntonrip-dvd: convenient script to rip a series of DVDs...
2014-05-12 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup: default to /var/tmp instead of /tmp...
2014-05-12 James Buntonhencode: default to copying audio streams
2014-02-18 James Buntonfix-pal-speedup: work with multiple files
2014-02-18 James Buntonidentify-dvd: improved output format
2013-08-11 James BuntonUse mplayer to extract audio instead of mkvextract
2013-08-11 James BuntonConvert to 24fps (film) instead of 23.976fps
2013-08-11 James BuntonScript to fix videos from PAL DVDs which have been...
2013-06-14 James BuntonFixed hencode-recursive
2013-06-10 James BuntonTidying
2013-06-10 James BuntonAdded VHS encoding scripts
2013-06-08 James BuntonFixed rip-audio to not need X11
2013-06-08 James BuntonAdded trim-audio script
2012-12-08 James updated for newer Handbrake versions
2013-06-08 James BuntonAdded rip-audio and mirror-dvd scripts
2011-08-06 James BuntonAdded HandBrakeCLI scripts
2011-08-06 James BuntonUseful scripts for getting DVD and other video info
2011-06-19 James BuntonAdded fast x264 profile
2010-10-18 James BuntonReadded better fixmux option
2010-10-17 James BuntonFixed option parser
2010-10-02 James --jobs now starts a new jobs immediately...
2010-09-20 James BuntonFixed mplayer parameter ordering
2010-09-19 James BuntonDetelecine support is back, and this time it works! :)
2010-09-19 James BuntonRemoved unneeded line
2010-09-19 James BuntonA few tweaks to options
2010-09-18 James BuntonFixed bug in x264/copyac3
2010-09-17 James BuntonTweaks
2010-09-15 James BuntonRemoved redundant
2010-09-15 James BuntonImproved MencoderDemux
2010-09-15 James BuntonAdded x264/copyac3 profile
2010-09-15 James BuntonMassive refactoring to enable direct use of x264, lame...
2010-08-29 James BuntonAdded --fixmux option that copies input streams to...
2010-08-22 James BuntonGet rid of noskip for copyac3
2010-08-14 James BuntonImproved av sync stuff
2010-08-01 James BuntonBetter fix for oac copy crash
2010-07-31 James BuntonHacks to make copyac3 not crash mencoder
2010-07-31 James BuntonFixed incorrect file extension for --copyac3
2010-07-26 James BuntonFixed fps check to work without X11
2010-07-26 James Buntonnice down by one
2010-07-23 James BuntonDramatically reduced bitrates for N97
2010-07-23 James BuntonMany improvements!
2010-07-22 James BuntonFixed N97 profile
2010-07-22 James BuntonUse -vf harddup on all profiles that are remuxed to...
2010-07-22 James BuntonAdded detelecine option
2010-07-22 James BuntonFixed deprecation warning
2010-07-19 James BuntonBetter quoting for --dump
2010-07-11 James Bunton--dump no longer quotes things unless they need to...
2010-07-11 James BuntonAdded high quality x264 encoding profile
2010-07-11 James BuntonUse linear blend deinterlacing, it looks much better
2010-04-11 James BuntonUse lowercase profile name for consistency
2010-04-11 James BuntonAdded profiles for Nokia N97
2009-03-01 James BuntonEnsure output files do not exist before starting
2009-02-28 James BuntonFixes for MP4Box
2009-02-28 James BuntonPrint usage if input parameter is missing
2009-02-28 James BuntonRemoved unneeded files
2009-02-28 James BuntonMP4Box support in, profiles specify bitrate...
2009-02-28 James BuntonFormatting changes
2008-11-26 Greg DarkeAutomated merge with
2008-11-25 Greg DarkeAllow batchrun to run more than one job at a time