2021-08-25 Paul WiseMerged in fix-sbs (pull request #10) master
2021-08-16 Paul WiseDownload SBS player params from the API
2020-11-04 Paul WiseAdd support for ABC iView HLS livestreams
2020-09-20 James BuntonFixed iView downloads
2020-07-24 James BuntonFixed iView to use categories and channels from API
2020-06-29 James BuntonLog to stdout instead of stderr
2020-06-13 James BuntonFixed missing import
2020-06-13 James BuntonFix SBS download
2020-04-13 James BuntonSend user-agent when downloading HLS videos (fixes...
2020-04-13 James BuntonDrop livestreamer support, it probably didn't work...
2020-04-12 James BuntonUse natural_sort
2020-04-12 James BuntonSort nodes so that autograbber fetches them in a more...
2020-04-12 James BuntonFailsafe in case channel 10 returns bad results again
2020-04-12 James Buntonfix #105 - channel 10 pulling in too many episodes
2019-12-20 James BuntonReduce SBS page size (fixes #102)
2019-08-20 James Buntonautograbber: implement .excludes.txt (fixes #75)
2019-08-20 James Buntongrabber: support fetching ranges (fixes #91)
2019-08-20 James Buntonsbs: display error if video cannot be downloaded (fixes...
2019-05-19 James BuntonSafely handle missing data in iView
2019-05-19 James BuntonDeprecate livestreamer and libav-tools
2019-03-29 James Buntonsbs: use alternate API
2019-02-24 James Buntonsbs: filter duplicates
2019-02-24 James Buntoniview: don't blow up if video is unavailable
2019-02-12 James BuntonSBS now has a maximum query range of 49
2018-10-21 James BuntonUse https wherever possible
2018-07-16 James Buntoniview: sometimes collections is a str instead of a...
2018-06-25 James BuntonPrefer ffmpeg if it is installed
2018-06-18 James BuntoniView "Regional Australia" category
2018-06-14 James BuntoniView handle missing episodes in series
2018-06-14 James BuntoniView handle missing episodes in collection
2018-06-10 James Buntonget_duration() falls back to decoding the file
2018-06-10 James Buntonsbs: ability to download mpd/dash files (only works...
2018-03-19 James BuntoniView: Fix some missing videos. It seems not everything...
2018-02-24 James BuntonNEWS and update instructions
2018-02-24 James BuntonSwitch to streamlink
2018-02-24 James BuntonReimplemented Channel 10
2017-10-19 James Buntonsbs: always access release_url over http
2017-09-02 James BuntonHandle SBS missing video
2017-08-25 James BuntonDisable Channel 9 because it's been broken for a while
2017-07-05 Chris ReadFix issues with source listings including leading space...
2017-06-19 James BuntoniView supports hls-plus
2017-06-19 James BuntoniView follows series links to find all the episodes
2017-05-22 James BuntonMore detailed error when SBS fails
2017-03-19 James BuntonREADME info on running from cron
2017-03-19 James BuntonHelper script to run from cron
2017-03-19 James BuntonFixed unicode issue for ABC iView auth XML
2017-03-14 James BuntonOld requests_cache versions break streaming, so don...
2017-03-13 James BuntonForce overwriting existing files to avoid prompting
2017-03-13 James BuntonImproved installation instructions in README
2017-03-10 James Buntonsbs works over http
2017-02-23 James BuntonNews
2017-02-22 James BuntonRemoved unused #!
2017-02-22 James BuntonImproved README
2017-02-22 James BuntonCreate directory for cache file
2017-02-22 James BuntonMore convenient calling format for autograbber
2017-02-22 James BuntonSwitch to requests to remove custom caching code
2017-02-22 James BuntonUse pip/requirements.txt, now needs Python3
2017-02-09 James BuntonFix for avprobe python2
2017-02-08 James BuntonUpdate docs to reference git instead of hg
2016-10-20 James BuntonUse ffprobe duration to determine if the remux succeeded
2016-10-20 James BuntonFixed iView (thanks Charlie Bash)
2016-07-31 James BuntonREADME tweak
2016-07-31 James BuntonMoved to git
2016-05-16 James Buntonsafer JSON handling
2016-05-16 James Buntonimport os in autosocks
2016-01-12 delxAdded usage info to README.md
2015-12-14 James Buntonsbs: Removed ... printing
2015-12-14 James Buntonsbs fetches list differently, now slower but will pull...
2015-10-11 James BuntonUpdated Channel 10 API token
2015-10-05 James BuntonHandle URLs without scheme, fixes SBS issue #27
2015-08-08 James BuntonDon't strip scheme from livestreamer URLs - support...
2015-08-04 James BuntonFixed SBS muxing
2015-08-04 James BuntonFixed SBS to work with new website changes
2015-08-04 James BuntonSwitch brightcove back to HDS+HLS
2015-05-30 James Buntonsupport grabbing brightcove widevine videos - for channel 9
2015-05-30 James Buntonpython3 compatibility
2015-05-26 James BuntonReturn false instead of throwing exception when missing...
2015-05-24 James BuntonClearer error message when unencrypted stream is not...
2015-05-24 James BuntonAdded license
2015-05-24 James BuntonAdded README.md
2015-05-24 James BuntonRemoved unneeded stuff
2015-05-24 James BuntonFixed Channel 9
2015-05-24 James BuntonUse livestreamer for iview HLS instead of my own code
2015-05-24 James BuntonDisable Plus7
2015-05-24 James BuntonAdobe HDS support for SBS
2015-03-26 James Buntonwebdl: utf-8 encode string before printing
2015-03-26 James Buntonwebdl: Allow XDG_CACHE_HOME to override default of...
2015-03-26 James Buntonwebdl: open files in binary mode for windows compatibility
2014-11-08 James Buntonwebdl: support for ffmpeg as well as avconv
2014-08-31 James Buntonwebdl: sanify HLS filenames
2014-08-20 James Buntonwebdl: refactored HLS download and convert to mp4 logic
2014-08-19 James Buntoniview: return correct download status
2014-08-19 James Buntonhls: allow last segment to be missing
2014-08-19 James Buntoniview: Use HLS instead of RTMP
2014-08-13 James Buntonwebdl: fixed channel 9
2014-07-12 James BuntonSwitch from ffmpeg binary to avconv
2014-06-20 James BuntonSwitch from tabs to spaces
2014-04-09 James Buntonwebdl: close file before converting with ffmpeg
2014-03-22 James Buntonbrightcove: seems to work well, no need to mark it...
2014-03-22 James Buntonplus7: mark as broken