2021-02-09 James BuntonFixed for latest changes master
2020-12-05 James BuntonGoogle seems to care about user agents now...
2020-11-27 James BuntonUpdate user agent
2020-11-07 James BuntonSupport YouTube mobile URLs
2020-11-02 James BuntonFix for Google changes
2020-08-15 James BuntonFix for Google changes
2020-06-03 James BuntonFix for Google changes
2020-02-03 James BuntonFix for Google changes
2019-08-05 James BuntonFix for Google metadata changes to find title
2019-06-13 James BuntonFixed for Google changes
2019-01-20 James BuntonDon't try to download from non-YouTube sites
2019-01-19 James BuntonFixes for Google changes
2018-11-10 James BuntonFix for YouTube changes
2018-04-11 James BuntonFix for Google change
2017-02-22 James BuntonPort to Python3, run with only Python+Node (no libs)
2017-02-01 James BuntonFixed to handle YouTube JS changes
2016-12-15 James BuntonFix to handle function call in expression instead of...
2016-07-31 James BuntonREADME tweaks
2016-07-31 James BuntonREADME
2016-06-24 James Buntonfixed again because of google changes
2016-02-12 James Buntonfixes to work with recent changes
2015-11-24 James Buntonchanged script prefix/suffix
2015-10-08 James Buntonadded window.location.hash
2015-05-14 James Buntonfixed downloader
2014-11-24 James Buntonexec nodejs
2014-11-24 James Buntonexec node instead of js
2014-09-15 James Buntonadded window.history.pushState to fix signature check
2014-07-17 James Buntonuse nodejs sandboxing
2014-07-17 James Buntonbetter extract_js for decoding signatures
2014-06-20 James Buntonfixed JS function finder
2014-06-20 James Buntonswitch from tabs to spaces
2014-04-09 James Buntonfixes for recent changes
2014-03-09 James Buntonignore stereo3d videos
2014-03-01 James Buntonhandle videos with no signature
2014-02-04 James Buntonfixes for youtube changes
2014-02-04 James Buntonuse python2 explicitly
2013-08-08 James Buntongrab all dependent JS functions for signature generation
2013-08-02 James Buntonmore convenient startup of node.js
2013-08-02 James Buntonsupport for decoding YouTube's new video signature...
2013-03-21 James Buntonsupport new JS variable name
2012-12-27 James Buntonsignature is always required
2012-12-25 James Buntonfixed parsing of video url data
2012-12-03 James Buntonimproved CLI status display
2012-10-13 James Buntonfixed CLI download
2012-10-12 James Buntonauto-retry with HTTP ranged gets for command line grabber
2012-09-29 James Buntonbetter command line downloader
2012-09-19 James Buntonprint a newline at the end
2012-09-19 James Buntonshow decimal places in copy progress
2012-09-19 James Buntonadded HD qualities
2012-09-19 James Buntonpretty print download progress when run from console
2012-09-19 James Buntonproper unicode support for filenames
2012-09-19 James Buntoninitial import