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Project Description Last Change
bsnap Manage snapshots for backups using LVM or btrfs 13 months ago
countdown-timer Simple JavaScript countdown timer. 6 years ago
mediapc-tools Scripts and cron helpers for a MediaPC / HTPC, particularly with MythTV. 3 months ago
mouse-wiggle Wiggles the mouse on Linux using `/dev/uinput`. 4 months ago
pong Basic OpenGL pong game 12 years ago
proxy socks5server is a minimalist SOCKS5 proxy server. 4 months ago
scripts 3 weeks ago
systemd-monitor Monitor systemd state and email root if there is a problem. 22 months ago
transcoding 22 months ago
webdl WebDL is a set of Python scripts to grab video from online Free To Air Australian channels. 3 days ago
youtube-cgi YouTubeCgi is a simple tool to download videos from YouTube 5 weeks ago
dotemacs Configuration for Emacs. 8 days ago
dotfiles Configuration files for a bunch of Unix apps I use regularly. 5 weeks ago
linux-config System configuration files for Linux 7 months ago
package-lists Packages I like to install on various Linux distros. 6 weeks ago
refind 3 years ago
spectrwm spectrwm is a small dynamic tiling and reparenting window manager for X11 4 years ago
show-app-menu-on-key-press 4 months ago
sometimes-steal-my-focus 15 months ago
comingnext 7 years ago
gnu-emacs 4 years ago
gnu-emacs-elpa 4 years ago
offlineimap 11 years ago
pulseaudio 6 years ago
bg-scripts Multi-OS random wallpaper changer 5 years ago
bluplayer Linux BluRay GUI, wraps MakeMKV and VLC. 5 years ago
cgiproxy CGI mod_rewrite [P] 5 years ago
linux-getrandom-userspace Userspace implementation of the Linux 3.17 getrandom() syscall. 3 years ago
notipod iTunes playlist synchronisation to arbitrary directories. 5 years ago
osx-proxyconf Set environment variables based on OSX proxy settings from system preferences. 11 years ago
pymsnt Python based MSN transport for Jabber 12 years ago
virtualtones MIDI keyboard interface. 3 years ago