last changeTue, 27 May 2014 10:02:31 +0000 (12:02 +0200)
2014-05-27 David Henningssonalsa-mixer: Add surround 2.1 profile master
2014-05-27 David Henningssonchannelmap: Add 2.1 surround
2014-05-25 Peter Meerwaldcore: Initialize ARM NEON remapping code if available
2014-05-25 Peter Meerwaldremap: Add ARM NEON optimized remapping and rearrange...
2014-05-25 Peter Meerwaldcore: Distinguish Cortex processors: A8 vs later (A9...
2014-05-25 Peter Meerwaldmix: Add special-case ARM NEON code for s16 mixing
2014-05-25 João Paulo... bluetooth: Change BlueZ 5 card profile name from a2dp...
2014-05-25 João Paulo... bluetooth: Fix lines going over column 128
2014-05-25 Tanu Kaskinenshell-completion: Add completion for parec
2014-05-24 Tanu Kaskinenresampler: Remove prefix from static functions
2014-05-23 Alexander Potashevi18n: Update Russian translation
2014-05-23 Pierre Ossmanprotocol-native: Early request bandaid for high latency...
2014-05-23 Alexander E... resampler: Support speex resampler compiled with FIXED_...
2014-05-23 Alexander E... build-sys: Eliminate _FORTIFY_SOURCE warnings
2014-05-09 Dimitris Spingosi18n: Update Greek translation
2014-05-03 Tanu Kaskinenbluetooth: Fix a copy-paste error in log message
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