2008-02-08 James BuntonUpdated rev and url master
2007-09-29 James BuntonFixed UTF-8 error
2007-07-31 James BuntonFixed bug with version number.
2007-07-29 James hasn't been used for ages
2007-07-29 James BuntonCatch a few more possible exceptions
2007-07-29 James BuntonThe <host/> config option now sets the bind address...
2007-07-29 James Buntonsvninfo no longer needed...
2007-07-29 James BuntonHandle new MSN accounts correctly
2007-07-29 James BuntonDisconnect switchboard sessions upon logout
2007-07-29 James BuntonFixed discoFail error
2007-07-29 James BuntonConference rooms now show up as such in service discovery.
2007-07-29 James BuntonApplied patch from the old svn memorytest tree
2007-07-29 James BuntonCleaned up reactor autodetection code
2007-07-03 James BuntonFixed bug with 64bit archictectures.
2007-01-29 jamesbunton * PyMSNt now supports Twisted 2.5
2006-10-20 jamesbunton * Python 2.5 doesn't always return longs from struct...
2006-10-15 jamesbunton * Log the reactor upon startup
2006-09-24 jamesbuntonShould fix PyMSNt not responding error.
2006-08-13 jamesbuntonFix sendRosterImport with ejabberd (trim the resources...
2006-08-11 jamesbuntonSupport for Twisted 2.0.1 and 2.1.0
2006-08-11 jamesbuntonFixed exception with msnobj parsing
2006-08-10 jamesbuntonUpdated to twistfix-0.5
2006-08-10 jamesbuntonFixed jid.internJID that somehow slipped through
2006-08-10 jamesbuntonUpdated to twistfix-0.4
2006-08-10 jamesbuntonRecursively ignore *.pyc
2006-08-10 jamesbuntonIgnore *.pyc everywhere
2006-08-09 jamesbuntonMerged branches/msnfix 204:217 to trunk
2006-08-08 jamesbuntonOops. XDB fixes fixed.
2006-08-08 jamesbuntonFixed XDB hash issue.
2006-07-24 jamesbuntonFixed exception with adding contacts before the session...
2006-07-21 jamesbuntonFixed new hashing scheme to work with deregistration.
2006-07-19 jamesbuntonFixed bug with Twisted 1.3
2006-07-15 jamesbuntonFixed md5 update routine to work if spooldir is not...
2006-07-14 jamesbuntonBumped version number
2006-07-14 jamesbuntonUse md5 hashes for spool dir. Moved avatar dir to root...
2006-07-14 jamesbuntonUse md5 hashes for spool dir. Moved avatar dir to root...
2006-07-14 jamesbuntonUse md5 hashes for spool dir. Moved avatar dir to root...
2006-07-14 jamesbuntonIf parsing of MSNOBJ fails, then don't throw an exception.
2006-07-12 jamesbuntonFixed MSN protocol dump option.
2006-07-12 jamesbuntonFixed MSN protocol dump option.
2006-07-12 jamesbuntonTurned off MSN protocol debugging by default.
2006-07-10 jamesbuntonSmall docs update.
2006-07-09 jamesbuntonVersion bump 0.11.1!
2006-07-07 jamesbuntonFixed msn2jid to not do /msn/msn
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonFixed links in documentation.
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonUpdated docs slightly.
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonHandle disconnects better.
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonReordering of switchboard timeouts.
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonFixed exception with blank msnobj
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonSuppress SSL warning
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonChanged total users to total connections in stats.
2006-07-02 jamesbuntonAvatars work with Windows Live Messenger clients
2006-06-28 jamesbuntonUpdated docs slightly
2006-06-18 jamesbuntonMade no reactor error a bit clearer.
2006-06-16 jamesbuntonCatch UnicodeDecodeError explicitly
2006-06-15 jamesbuntonNotice switchboard session disconnects properly.
2006-06-08 jamesbuntonIf the SLPLink is terminated due to an error, discard...
2006-06-08 jamesbuntonHandle MSN error conditions
2006-06-08 jamesbuntonAdded 400 errors to the list.
2006-06-08 jamesbuntonFixed housekeep to run cleanly over an already updated...
2006-05-31 jamesbuntonFixed another exception.
2006-05-31 jamesbuntonSubscription requests outside of sessions are now respo...
2006-05-30 jamesbuntonProperly quote passwd when sending to passport servers.
2006-05-30 jamesbuntonSend offline presence to users outside of session as...
2006-05-30 jamesbuntonFixed reconnecting problem (finally)
2006-05-25 jamesbuntonFixed OneSwitchboardSession being reused problem.
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonHopeful fix for NotificationClient.connectionLost problem
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonMade config-example a bit clearer (I hope)
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonHopefully fixed exception caused by SwitchboardSessionB...
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonMessages sent to offline contacts should be bounced...
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonHandle some errors better.
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonHopefully fixed adding/removing contacts.
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonFixed silly exceptions
2006-05-23 jamesbuntonLog SVN version on startup
2006-05-14 jamesbuntonFixed doDisconnect
2006-05-14 jamesbuntonFixed tests to work with rev152+ fix.
2006-05-03 jamesbuntonMade it clear that <host/> is important for file transfer.
2006-05-02 jamesbuntonAdded timeout to file sending.
2006-05-02 jamesbuntonData received after the connection has been cleaned...
2006-05-02 jamesbuntonMake adding/removing contacts symmetric.
2006-04-29 jamesbuntonFixed groupchatTimeout
2006-04-29 jamesbuntonMade avatars more reliable.
2006-04-29 jamesbuntonMade avatars more reliable.
2006-04-29 jamesbuntonFixed nickname sending.
2006-04-29 jamesbuntonRemoved skipped tests
2006-04-29 jamesbuntonFixed sendAvatarRequest to support consumer.error()
2006-04-25 jamesbuntonAdded SVN version number to result from jabber:iq:versi...
2006-04-25 jamesbuntonSuppressed twisted.words deprecation warning properly.
2006-04-25 jamesbuntonCheap way of fixing deprecation warning in Twisted...
2006-04-18 jamesbuntonAdded auto-reconnect.
2006-04-17 jamesbuntonHopefully fixed weird exception errors.
2006-04-16 jamesbuntonGoogle Talk fixes
2006-04-16 jamesbuntonGroupchat timeout is configurable.
2006-04-16 jamesbuntonSensible messages are now sent to both participants...
2006-04-16 jamesbuntonP2P file transfers should be more reliable.
2006-04-16 jamesbuntonFixed tel:+ jid being invalid. Added cache to (hopefull...
2006-04-16 jamesbuntonNew resources don't get spammed with presence from...
2006-03-30 jamesbuntonFixed iq error responses to include xmlns
2006-03-29 jamesbuntonchmod +x
2006-03-23 jamesbuntonReject authorisation for new contacts should work now.