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7 <title>The rEFInd Boot Manager: Getting rEFInd</title>
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14 <h1>The rEFInd Boot Manager:<br />Getting rEFInd</h1>
16 <p class="subhead">by Roderick W. Smith, <a
17 href=""></a></p>
19 <p>Originally written: 3/14/2012; last Web page update:
20 4/24/2016, referencing rEFInd 0.10.3</p>
22 <p>This Web page is provided free of charge and with no annoying outside ads; however, I did take time to prepare it, and Web hosting does cost money. If you find this Web page useful, please consider making a small donation to help keep this site up and running. Thanks!</p>
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122 <p>This page is part of the documentation for the rEFInd boot manager. If a Web search has brought you here, you may want to start at the <a href="index.html">main page.</a></p>
124 <hr />
126 <p><b>Note:</b> I consider rEFInd to be <i>beta-quality software!</i> I'm discovering bugs (old and new) and fixing them every few days. That said, rEFInd is a usable program in its current form on many systems. If you have problems, feel free to drop me a line.</p>
128 <h2>Getting rEFInd from Sourceforge</h2>
130 <p>You can find the rEFInd source code and binary packages at <a href="">its SourceForge page.</a> Note that rEFInd is OS-independent&mdash;it runs before the OS, so you download the same binary package for any OS. You can obtain rEFInd in several different forms:</p>
132 <ul>
134 <li><b><a
135 href="">A
136 binary zip file</a></b>&mdash;Download this if you want to install rEFInd
137 and/or its filesystem drivers on an <i>x</i>86, <i>x</i>86-64, or ARM64
138 computer and have no need to test rEFInd first by booting it on an optical
139 disc. This zip file package includes <i>x</i>86 (aka IA32), <i>x</i>86-64
140 (aka <i>x</i>64, AMD64, or EM64T), and ARM64 (aka AARCH64 or AA64) versions
141 of rEFInd. Which you install depends on your architecture, as described on
142 the <a href="installing.html">Installing rEFInd</a> page. Some users of Arch
143 Linux have reported problems booting some specific Arch Linux kernels with
144 rEFInd and some other tools. For them, a <a
145 href="">variant
146 package</a> exists in which the <i>x</i>86-64 binary was compiled with
147 GNU-EFI rather than the usual TianoCore EDK2. This change helps some users
148 with this problem.</li>
150 <li><b><a
151 href="">A
152 binary RPM file</a></b>&mdash;If you use an RPM-based <i>x</i>86-64
153 Linux system such as Fedora or openSUSE, you can install the binary RPM
154 package rather than use the binary zip file. (I don't provide
155 equivalent 32-bit [<i>x</i>86] or ARM64 packages.) This package runs the
156 <tt>refind-install</tt> script (described on the <a
157 href="installing.html">Installing rEFInd</a> page) as part of the
158 installation process. Distribution maintainers can examine the
159 <tt>refind.spec</tt> file in the source package and tweak it to their
160 needs. The <a
161 href="">source
162 RPM file</a> might or might not build on your system as-is; it relies
163 on assumptions about the locations of the GNU-EFI development
164 files.</li>
166 <li><b><a
167 href="">A
168 binary Debian package</a></b>&mdash;If you use an <i>x</i>86-64 version
169 of Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, or another Debian-based distribution, you can
170 install from this package, which was converted from the binary RPM
171 package using <tt>alien</tt>. Note that an <a href="#ppa">Ubuntu
172 PPA</a> is available, which may install more smoothly and will cause
173 rEFInd to automatically update with other packages.</li>
175 <p class="sidebar"><b>Note:</b> At the moment, neither the bootable CD-R image file nor the bootable USB flash drive image file supports booting with Secure Boot active. The x86-64 version of the <a href="">ALT Linux Rescue disc</a> uses a Secure Boot-enabled rEFInd, though, so you may find that useful in some situations.</p>
177 <li><b><a
178 href="">A
179 CD-R image file</a></b>&mdash;This download contains the same files as
180 the binary zip file, but you can burn it to a CD-R to test rEFInd
181 (and its filesystem drivers) without installing it first. (It boots on
182 UEFI PCs, but fails on some older Macs.) If you like it, you can then
183 copy the files from the CD-R to your hard disk. The files are named in
184 such a way that the disc should boot on either 64-bit (<i>x</i>86-64)
185 or 32-bit (<i>x</i>86) EFI computers. I've included an open source EFI
186 shell program on this disc that's not included in the binary zip file,
187 so that you can access an EFI shell from a bootable disc even if you
188 don't have an EFI shell available from your regular hard disk. This can
189 be an extremely valuable diagnostic tool if you know how to use an EFI
190 shell.</li>
192 <p class="sidebar"><b>Tip:</b> If you want to make your own bootable USB
193 flash drive, download the binary zip file or CD-R image file, prepare a USB
194 flash drive with a FAT32 partition, and then use the
195 <tt>refind-install</tt> program's <tt>--usedefault</tt> option, and perhaps
196 the <tt>--alldrivers</tt> option, as in <tt class="userinput">bash
197 refind-install --usedefault /dev/sdd1 --alldrivers</tt> to install to the
198 first partition on <tt>/dev/sdd</tt>. This procedure should work even on a
199 BIOS-booted computer.</p>
201 <li><b><a
202 href="">A
203 USB flash drive image file</a></b>&mdash;Although you can create
204 your own rEFInd USB flash drive, you may find it easier to download
205 this version and copy it to your USB drive with <tt>dd</tt> or some
206 other low-level disk copying utility.</li>
208 <li><b><a
209 href="">A
210 source code tarball</a></b>&mdash;This is useful if you want to compile
211 the software locally. Note that I use Linux with the <a
212 href="">TianoCore EFI
213 Development Kit 2 (EDK2)</a> to build my binary packages (above),
214 although the <a
215 href="">GNU-EFI</a> development
216 tools are also supported, and are used in building the Ubuntu PPA.</li>
218 <li><b><a href="">Source code via
219 git</a></b>&mdash;If you want to peruse the source code in your Web
220 browser or get the very latest version (including pre-release bug fixes
221 and updates), you can use the Sourceforge git repository. This access
222 method is most useful to programmers, or at least to those who are
223 familiar with programming tools. If you need to ask "what's git?", this
224 is probably not the best way for you to obtain rEFInd.</li>
226 </ul>
228 <p>If you're using a platform other than <i>x</i>86 or <i>x</i>86-64, you can give rEFInd a try; however, you'll need to build it from source code yourself or track down a binary from another source. (Perhaps by the time you read this it will be included in Linux distributions built for unusual CPUs.)</p>
230 <p>To extract the files from the zip file images I've provided, you'll need a tool such as <tt>unzip</tt>, which is included with Linux and Mac OS X. Numerous Windows utilities also support this format, such as <a href="">PKZIP</a> and <a href="">7-Zip.</a></p>
232 <p>You should be able to create a bootable USB flash drive from either the binary zip file or the CD-R image file; just treat the flash drive as if it were a hard disk and install rEFInd as described on the <a href="installing.html">installation page.</a> Using the fallback boot loader name of <tt>EFI/boot/bootx64.efi</tt> is likely to be the most useful way to install rEFInd to a removable medium.</p>
234 <h2>Getting rEFInd from Your OS's Repositories</h2>
236 <p>I know of a small number of pre-packaged versions of rEFInd, either in official OS repositories or in ancillary repositories:</p>
238 <ul>
240 <li><a name="ppa"><b>Ubuntu</b></a>&mdash;Although an official Ubuntu package
241 isn't available, I've created a <a
242 href="">rEFInd PPA</a> for
243 Ubuntu. To use it, open a Terminal window and type <tt
244 class="userinput">sudo apt-add-repository ppa:rodsmith/refind</tt>, then <tt
245 class="userinput">sudo apt-get update</tt>. You can then type <tt
246 class="userinput">sudo apt-get install refind</tt> to install the package.
247 You'll be asked to decide whether to install rEFInd to the ESP when you
248 first install it. Thereafter, the rEFInd version will update along with your
249 other software. This package is built with GNU-EFI and is not signed with a
250 Secure Boot key; however, the install script should sign the binary with a
251 locally-generated key if it detects that your system uses Secure Boot. Thus,
252 if you've previously installed one of my binaries on a Secure Boot system
253 and added its key as a MOK, you'll have to add your local key when you
254 reboot.</li>
256 <li><b>Arch Linux</b>&mdash;You can obtain rEFInd from the Arch
257 repositories, in both a stable version (the <tt>refind-efi</tt> package
258 installable via <tt>pacman</tt>) and an experimental release built from
259 rEFInd's git repository in the Arch User Repository (AUR), under the
260 name <tt>refind-efi-git</tt>. The git release is likely to include
261 pre-release bug fixes and new features, but those features may be
262 poorly tested or undocumented.</li>
264 <li><b>ALT Linux</b>&mdash;This RPM-based distribution is experimenting
265 with using rEFInd on EFI-based computers. As I write, the ALT
266 developers haven't yet nailed down booting from an optical disc (it's a
267 tricky and delicate task, especially when preparing a "hybrid" image),
268 but they're working on the problem. They have an RPM of rEFInd; see <a
269 href="">this
270 page</a> for details.</li>
272 <li><b>Gentoo Linux</b>&mdash;An official ebuild of rEFInd is available; see <a
273 href="">here</a> for
274 details and <a href="">here</a> for
275 Gentoo's official rEFInd documentation.</a> A separately-maintained overlay
276 exists (see <a href="">here</a>),
277 which can be compiled with TianoCore and may be more up-to-date.</li>
279 <li><b>Slackware</b>&mdash;As far as I know, an official rEFInd package is
280 not available as part of Slackware; however, a <a
281 href="">Slackware
282 package from SlackBuilds</a> is available.</li>
284 <li><b><a href="">Fat
285 Dog</a></b>&mdash;This variant of Puppy Linux uses a combination of
286 rEFInd and GRUB 2 to boot its installation medium in EFI mode and
287 provides a rEFInd package in its repository set.</li>
289 <li><b>The <a href="">Nix Packages
290 collection</a></b>&mdash;This site creates packages for a number of
291 OSes using its own packaging system.</li>
293 </ul>
295 <p>To the best of my knowledge, no other Linux distribution yet includes rEFInd in its repositories. That's likely to change in time. If you hear of rEFInd being included in an OS's official package set, feel free to <a href="">drop me a line.</a></p>
297 <hr />
299 <p>copyright &copy; 2012&ndash;2016 by Roderick W. Smith</p>
301 <p>This document is licensed under the terms of the <a href="FDL-1.3.txt">GNU Free Documentation License (FDL), version 1.3.</a></p>
303 <p>If you have problems with or comments about this Web page, please e-mail me at <a href=""></a> Thanks.</p>
305 <p><a href="index.html">Go to the main rEFInd page</a></p>
307 <p><a href="installing.html">Learn how to install rEFInd</a></p>
309 <p><a href="">Return</a> to my main Web page.</p>
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311 </html>