2021-06-20 James Buntonbash: fix bug in edit/aliasfg master
2021-03-08 James BuntonRemove unused ignore
2021-03-08 James Buntongit serve
2020-08-13 James Buntonqt-wayland
2020-08-13 James Buntonemacs: use console version
2020-06-18 James Buntonbash: ~/bin should go at the front of PATH
2020-06-18 James BuntonREADME: firefox settings
2020-04-05 James BuntonRemove chrome-flags.conf
2020-02-09 James Buntonremove synaptics config
2020-01-27 James Buntonfirefox: enable wayland
2020-01-20 James BuntonREADME + category
2019-11-23 James Buntonbash: better ls colors for other_writable
2019-08-04 James Buntonbashrc: set LANG from config file
2019-07-20 James BuntonFixed environment.d
2019-07-10 James Buntonssh config: CheckHostIP no
2019-06-14 James BuntonMoved vim temp files to ~/.cache
2019-06-13 James Buntongnome-terminal preserve working directory when opening...
2019-06-11 James BuntonUpdated README
2019-06-11 James BuntonGnome compatibility
2019-04-08 James Buntonbashrc: git-prompt for Fedora
2019-04-08 James Buntonscreenrc: explicitly disable hardstatus
2019-04-04 James Buntonbashrc: use printf for compatibility with macOS's broke...
2019-03-14 James Buntonvim: fixed titlestring
2019-03-12 James Buntonbash: include hostname in all xterm titles
2019-03-12 James Buntonvim: include hostname in xterm title
2019-03-12 James BuntonRemove unused git-hooks
2019-02-26 James Buntonxsession: pulseaudio module-switch-on-connect
2019-02-26 James BuntonREADME: firefox notes on graphics acceleration
2019-02-26 James Buntongit: git-template for Jira issues
2019-02-26 James Buntonbash+screen: improvements to xterm titlebar and screen...
2019-02-26 James Buntonbash: pre-exec xterm titlebar
2019-01-20 James Buntonbash: fixed typo
2018-12-21 James Buntonbash: look for in more places
2018-12-10 James Buntongitconfig: relax fsck
2018-12-10 James Buntonbash: Fix PROMPT_COMMAND
2018-11-27 James BuntonRe-add COLORFGBG
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: load completion and git-prompt
2018-11-19 James Buntonremove more unused files
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: load ~/.bashrc_local
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: read all environment.d
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: fix for non-GNU man
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: python alias to python3
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: support symlinks to dirs in ~/bin
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: improve SSH_AUTH_SOCK detection
2018-11-19 James BuntonREADME: firefox notes
2018-11-19 James Buntonbash: consolidate config, move EMAIL into separate...
2018-10-14 James Buntonscreen prompt change
2018-10-14 James BuntonXresources: fonts
2018-10-14 James BuntonRemove unused files
2018-10-07 James Buntongit/less: better alt-screen behaviour
2018-10-07 James Buntonxmonad: change close window key
2018-07-10 James Buntonxsession
2018-06-05 James Buntonxmonad: fix screen switching keybindings
2018-06-05 James Buntonbash: don't save lines starting with space to history...
2018-06-05 James Buntonemacs 26 has a systemd user unit
2018-06-05 James Buntoncolor scheme improvement for 'bright' black
2018-05-27 James Buntonxmonad: version upgrade compatibility
2018-04-08 James Buntonxterm resources
2018-04-08 James Buntonxfce4-terminal: colour scheme
2018-02-24 James Buntontern-config
2018-02-22 James Buntonbash: manpages are ascii only for easier searching
2018-02-04 James Buntonxscreensaver: deuglify font
2017-10-05 James Buntonmakepkg.conf
2017-08-14 James Buntonvimrc: portable, simplified
2017-07-24 James Buntongitconfig: move gitignore_global
2017-07-19 James Buntongitconfig: fsckObjects on by default
2017-07-19 James Buntongitconfig: don't follow in git-log by default
2017-07-14 James Buntonbash: pick up SSH_AGENT in case it isn't set automatically
2017-07-14 James Buntonbash: reorder initialisation
2017-07-14 James Buntonbash: remove old unneeded settings
2017-06-15 James Buntonfontconfig: -apple-system font
2017-05-24 James Buntonxmonad-xfce4-session: pkill instead of kill $(pgrep)
2017-05-22 James Buntonxmonad-xfce4-session: restart nm-applet and blueman
2017-05-04 James Buntoninputrc: don't match hidden files
2017-05-04 James Buntonemacs daemon autostart script doesn't won't run multipl...
2017-05-04 James Buntongitignore_global: exclude /.tern-port
2017-04-13 James Buntonxmonad: shortcut for firefox private browsing window
2017-04-06 James Buntonxmonad-xfce4-session: wait for xprop on root before...
2017-04-04 James Buntonpsqlrc from Thomas
2017-04-04 James Buntongitconfig: merge.defaultToUpstream=true
2017-03-30 James Buntonxmonad: cycleRecentWorkspaceOnSingleScreen
2017-02-28 James Buntonautostart: xmonad session hacks
2017-02-28 James Buntonautostart: kupfer --no-splash
2017-02-14 James Buntonxmonad: fixes for 0.13
2017-02-04 James Buntonbash: ssh_unsafe ignores hosts file
2017-01-14 James Buntontrackpad-config: disable scrolling inertia
2016-12-06 James Buntonxmonad: default to tabbed layout
2016-12-06 James Buntonxmonad: remove unused layout
2016-12-06 James Buntonxmonad: key binding for cycling workspaces
2016-11-09 James Buntonsynaptics: reduce speed
2016-11-09 James Buntonbash: pbcopy alias only if pbcopy does not exist
2016-11-09 James Buntonbash: remove 'rm -i' alias
2016-10-27 James Buntonbash: BSD friendly
2016-10-27 James Buntonscreenrc rewrite
2016-10-27 James Buntonbash: Rely on xfce4-terminal setting TERM=xterm-256color
2016-08-25 James Buntonpythonrc improvements
2016-08-25 James Buntonxmonad: remove ediff rule since I now keep it in the...
2016-08-25 James Buntonemacs: Updated readme to reference dotemacs repo
2016-07-31 James Buntonmoved to scripts repository
2016-07-31 James Buntongitconfig: added expire-prune