descriptioniTunes playlist synchronisation to arbitrary directories.
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iTunes playlist synchronisation to arbitrary directories.


Use iTunes on your Mac and wish you could sync your music and playlists to a folder?

NotiPod lets you select iTunes playlists and a destination folder. It then syncs all the music in those playlists (as .m3u files) to the selected folder, removing anything that was already there. It's smart enough to check timestamps and file sizes so only changed or new files get copied.

I use this to sync my music and playlists from iTunes on my laptop to XBMC on my lounge media pc.


The latest binary is:


Bug reports

Please raise issues on the Bitbucket project.

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2014-11-11 James BuntonAdded TODO
2014-02-20 James BuntonBump version to 1.13
2012-08-28 James BuntonIgnore tracks not in the library
2012-07-12 James BuntonBump version to 1.12
2012-07-12 James BuntonVarious improvements:
2012-07-12 James BuntonBuild for ppc, i386, x86_64
2012-07-12 James BuntonBump version number to 1.11
2012-07-12 James BuntonUse uuid4
2012-07-12 James BuntonAdded tooltips
2012-07-12 James BuntonAdded advanced options sheet
2012-07-12 James BuntonRemoved trailing space
2012-07-12 James BuntonAuto reload library when window comes to the foreground
2012-07-12 James BuntonSave playlists separately for each target folder
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