descriptionLinux BluRay GUI, wraps MakeMKV and VLC.
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Linux BluRay GUI, wraps MakeMKV and VLC.

About a year ago when I first bought my Bluray drive for Linux I had a simple requirement. I wanted to be able to put a disc in, then with some graphical tool select a track and have it start playing. It turns out nothing on Linux can do this.

So I wrote a simple Python/Qt app which uses MakeMKV to decrypt and [VLC](] to play it.

Visit the Bluplayer intro blog post for a usage guide.

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2014-10-04 James Buntonexec makemkvcon
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2014-04-19 James Buntonbuild-makemkv resumes download
2014-03-24 James BuntonExplicitly use Python 2
2014-03-24 James BuntonAdded example desktop file
2014-01-18 James BuntonSwitch to VLC
2013-12-14 James supports v1.8.7
2013-02-17 James BuntonAdded build script for makemkv
2013-02-17 James BuntonRun mplayer with -nocache, makes seeking more reliable
2013-02-17 James BuntonImproved error handling and messages
2013-02-17 James BuntonShow initial loading window while waiting for makemkv
2013-02-17 James BuntonRun mplayer in a background thread so it doesn't block UI
2013-02-16 James BuntonAuto-select the longest title
2013-02-16 James BuntonGet MakeMKV port number from a more reliable field
2013-02-15 James BuntonInitial commit
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